We love these artisanal treats from Japan

My wife and I like watching Sinichi and Satoshi on their YouTube channel TabiEats. It's the next best thing to traveling to Japan with lots of great unboxing/tasting reviews, Japanese city tours and cooking tips. (See prior boingboing post ). Through them we discovered Kokoro care packages: boxes of unique, curated food items from Japan. We have plenty of local import foods stores here in Seattle (maybe you do, too) but we're enjoying these harder-to-find artisanal treats direct from Japan. Chili crisp sauce is very popular now, and we've enjoyed the Rayu Chili Oil in our latest Kokoro box. It's smokier, sophisticated, and with a subtle heat that's great on tofu. Kokoro has subscriptions and single purchase items. Great for a splurge or special gift.