Check out this tiny turntable

I wish I grew up in the vinyl era. That sentiment is a very millennial one, but I miss physically owning music. As soon as I became old enough to appreciate CDs, the format basically went the way of the brontosaurus burger. Before everything went digital, I used to pay way more attention to album art. I can only imagine how much more impactful an album's cover was in the vinyl days- hence my fascination.

Buying vinyl albums could satisfy my curiosity, but the practicality of storing all of the subsequent records I would purchase creates another problem. As the son of a DJ, I've personally witnessed how space crates of records can occupy. That's why I dig the video linked above so much. The YouTube channel VWestlife shows off an impressively tiny record player that spins just as competently as normal. Aside from being adorable, the player could also double as a conversation piece at a party.