Check out the trailer for Midnight Suns, Marvel's dark and gritty team-up game

Marvel has the Midas touch right now. On every front, the brand has become synonymous with superheroes. In some cases, Marvel characters-like Thanos and Deadpool- have become more recognizable than the DC characters they're referencing. Even though the movies are the main stage that Marvel dominates, that doesn't mean it's the only medium they're content to stay in. 

In recent years, Spider-Man has become a smash hit on Playstation. Scratch that; Spider-Man has always been a smash hit on the Playstation, but the current iteration of the series has raised the bar immensely. After the game's success, Marvel has since greenlit a new slew of games for other characters. And while the Wolverine game looks pretty sweet, Marvel's Midnight Suns is the one that I've had my eye on for a while. 

In the video linked above, Marvel and 2k games unveil the first clip of their dark and gritty team-up game that pits a sizeable roster of heroes against demonic forces.