Finland's emojis

Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs this is FINLAND (TIF, not to be confused with TIFU) national image campaign, made it the first country to issue it's own official emojis. The original Finland emojis were created with Nokia back in 2015 when the 3310 roamed the land on God Mode like Mario jacked up on recreational Super Star.

Below is a smattering of interesting Finland emojis out of the 56, which goes a long way to explain a lot about Finland and their most intriguing culture:

Unlike our lovely neighbours, the Finn relies not on lagom or hygge but kalsarikänni, a term that literally means "drinking at home, alone, in your underwear". This may sound fanciful but at the heart of this approach lies a democratic ideal. "Pantsdrunk" doesn't demand that you deny yourself the little things that make you happy or that you spend a fortune on Instagrammable Scandi furniture and load your house with more altar candles than a Catholic church. Affordability is its hallmark, offering a realistic remedy to everyday stress. Which is why this lifestyle choice is the antithesis of posing and pretence: one does not post atmospheric images on Instagram whilst pantsdrunk. Pantsdrunk is real. It's about letting go and being yourself, no affectation and no performance.

The Guardian | Miska Rantanen – How the Finnish lifestyle of getting drunk while wearing pants became the new hygge

From Proto-Finnic *perkeleh, which derives from the name of the Baltic deity of thunder; compare Lithuanian Perkūnas and Proto-Slavic *Perunъ. After Finland's conquest (c. 1250) and subsequent Christianization, its meaning changed to a profanity and a euphemism for Satan at least partly due to the influence of the clergy. Erzya пурьгине (purʹgine, "thunder") may be from the same root.

Wikitonary | perkele