3D-printed partial prothestic hand

It's an amazing time to be a person. Well, if you can ignore all the political instability and the looming shadow of a potential third world war, it's a great time to be a human on a technological front. Again, you first have to look beyond the misinformation and disinformation that comes as a byproduct of technology. But once you can manage all that, you might be able to see how this is one of the best times to be a person. 

One unexpected development that emerged in the last two decades is the advent of 3D printers. Although the technology is nowhere near the replicators from Star Trek, it's just close enough that it's powered a host of wonderful and practical designs. In the video linked above, you can check out the YouTuber Ian Davis's prototype for prosthetic fingers manufactured by a 3D printer. The world may be as harsh and cruel as its ever been, but at least innovations such as Davis's have the potential to level the playing field for those in need.