The Outer Worlds remaster announced

2019's The Outer Worlds was a lovely, tightly-written RPG about intergalactic capitalism, with a lot to say about exploitation, the worrying humanization of corporate entities, and, of course, cool laser guns. Developer Obsidian has seemingly missed the point of their own story, however, announcing a remaster that merely seems like another coat of paint on what was already a fairly good-looking game. Compare this to the recent remaster of The Witcher 3, which not only included visual enhancements but heaps of new items, gameplay tweaks, and even brand-new quests featuring the return of Geralt's voice actor. Not to mention that it was completely free for owners of the original game, which is something that The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition does not have going for it. It doesn't seem like it'll be a true game-changer in any meaningful way, at least on the surface – fans of The Outer Worlds may just be better off saving their money for the upcoming sequel.