Sony files patent for posture correction algorithm

Straighten up in your chair. Roll your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Gamers and chronically online Internet surfers alike tend to stop being mindful of their posture after a while, resulting in the classic desk chair slump. Apparently, Sony has taken it upon themselves to solve this problem (despite no one really asking them to), filing a patent for software that will evaluate gamers' posture. According to the abstract, the hypothetical software will "evaluate, based on learning models, posture, and physical motions for players for repetitive, unbalanced, or excessive motions, as well as gameplay quality patterns, and compare to thresholds for identifying unhealthy conditions."

So, you get your game interrupted to remind you to correct your posture – but at least you also get to be spied on by a Sony AI and have your movements and surroundings stored in their database. It's a real win-win, but you could probably just accomplish the same results by setting periodic reminders on your phone.