Microsoft already developing next Xbox

The FTC's lawsuit against against Microsoft to stop their acquisition of Activison-Blizzard has been going on for some time now, but is somehow still in the discovery phase. Given the glacial pace the nevertheless historic case has been moving at, meaningful updates are few and far between – but documents relating to the next Xbox have been requested by the FTC (pdf),revealing for the first time that the next Xbox is, indeed, being actively worked on. This comes in the wake of news that Sony is already working on a PS5 Pro, meaning the PS6 is doubtlessly not far behind. What happened? It feels like the new console generation just started, and it's apparently nearly over – can you think of one good game exclusive to next-gen consoles?

(Demon's Souls is a remake and doesn't count. Fight me.) Still, it feels like things in the gaming sphere are simultaneously getting faster and slower – AAA games now take the better part of a decade thanks to ever-rising standards, all while console generations are apparently getting shorter. I can't wait to play GTA 6 on the PS7.