Disney making Hocus Pocus 3

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has commissioned a third sequel for the Hocus Pocus franchise.

If you were a Marvel comics fan before the MCU, you probably remember the old trope of superheroes fighting each other before inevitably and coincidentally realizing they were on the same side before a winner could be crowned. When questioned about this trope, Stan Lee claimed that Marvel never wanted to beat any hero outright, as every character is someone's favorite character, no matter how obscure. 

I say all of that because of Hocus Pocus 2. Despite the original Hocus Pocus flopping at the box office in the 90s, the film became such a beloved cult classic, especially in the queer community, that it improbably garnered a sequel last year. Like the obscure Marvel heroes, Disney eventually realized that Hocus Pocus had a loyal following that wanted their favorite movie to get a win finally. 

Well, according to The Hollywood ReporterHocus Pocus 2 became a favorite for a whole bunch of people, as Disney has decided to greenlight another sequel for the Sanderson sisters. 

Another Hocus Pocus is in the works.

Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production, confirmed in an interview with The New York Times that Hocus Pocus 3 is happening.

It comes as little surprise given the success of last year's sequel, which set a record for an opening weekend by a movie on a streamer with 2.7 billion minutes viewed. Overall, the film landed at No. 5 on the most-streamed movies of 2022 with a total of 5.7 billion minutes viewed.