Explore the deep sea and its creatures, level by level

Neal Agarwal's (previously) new website allows users to explore the deep sea and its creatures, level by level. After scrolling for what I thought was a long time, I said to myself "I must be near the bottom of the sea". Then I realized I was just a small fraction of the way down. The deep sea is terrifyingly deep, and I'm glad this fun site allows me to explore it from the comfort of my bed.

As you scroll, you'll see how many meters deep you are, and the name of the depth you're at. You'll also see imagery and descriptions of the critters that live down there. The site also lets you know fun facts such as when you've reached a depth that matches up with the height of mount Everest.

The very bottom of the ocean is a fascinating yet dismal looking place. I'm extremely glad that I'm not a fish who lives down there.