RIP, Erik "Possum Man" Stewart

Erik "Possum Man" Stewart was one of my oldest, dearest friends. He died last week, of a sudden and freak cerebral hemorrhage. It happened while he slept, and his housemates found him the next day, appearing peaceful and not distressed. The coroner believes that his death was instant. — Read the rest

Internet of the Dead: the net's collision course with death

My latest Locus magazine column is "The Internet of the Dead," which discusses the collision course the Internet is on with death. It was inspired by my work to preserve the personal data of my old friend Erik "Possum Man" Stewart, who died unexpectedly and tragically in June:

It was while I sat in Possum's room that I began to think about his computer.

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AnarchistU, Toronto's wiki-based free school

My old highschool roommate, Erik "Possum Man" Stewart, has started a free school in Toronto callled AnarchistU, in which anyone can propose a class, organize its curriculum on a wiki, sign up enough students and start teaching. Each semester has seen substantial growth in enrollment, and the model of peer education is really working well for a surprising number of people. — Read the rest

AnarchistU: Toronto free school

My former school-chum, roommate, and co-worker Erik "Possum Man" Stewart is hard at work on building a free-school called AnarchistU in Toronto, coordinated via Wiki.

The Anarchist U is a volunteer-run collective which organizes a variety of courses on social science and the humanities.

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SEED school to be neutered by administrator

Looks like SEED Alternative School is on its very last legs. This is the alternative high-school I attended from 1988 to 1992; it's the oldest public alternative school in Canada. The school's new administrator (who pitched a tantrum when he met with alumni, students and parents, rejecting the notion that SEED's stakeholders had any business advising him on his custodianship of a unique educational institution) has proposed the elimination of every "alternative" element of the school's day-to-day functioning. — Read the rest