David Silverberg's "Terms and Conditionals": the things you just agreed to

[David Silverberg's As Close to the Edge Without Going Over is a new book of genre poetry from Canadian speciality press ChiZine (previously). I was tickled by his poem "Terms and Conditionals" (for reasons that will be immediately obvious) and I asked him if we could reprint it here -- he graciously assented. -Cory] Read the rest

The 2019 Locus Award nominees: your guide to the best sf/f of 2018

Locus Magazine has published its annual Locus Award finalists, a shortlist of the best science fiction and fantasy of the past calendar year. I rely on this list to find the books I've overlooked (so. many. books.). This year's looks like a bumper crop. Read the rest

Volk: a sinister, Lovecraftian tale of eugenics, Naziism, and "radiant abomination"

Volk is the sequel to Eutopia, the brilliant, sinister supernatural tale of the real-world 19th century eugenics movement, written by Canadian horror great David Nickle.

Eutopia: horror novel about Lovecraftian racism

David Nickle's horror novel Eutopia confronts the racial overtones of Lovecraftian fiction head on, revealing a terrifying story of the American eugenics movement and the brutality underbelly of utopianism.

License Expired: an unauthorized James Bond anthology

Now that the James Bond novels and character have entered the public domain in most of the world (but not the USA), David Nickle and Madeline Ashby teamed up to edit "License Expired," an anthology of unauthorized 007 stories for the Canadian press Chizine. Read the rest

David Nickle and Karl Schroeder's "The Toy Mill"

"His hair was whiter than his flesh. Thick whorls of ice embedded his beard in icicles like a January cataract; more separated the thick hairs of his eyebrows into individual daggers, pushed back by the yuletide winds of the stratosphere so that they swept down to meet at the bridge of his narrow, blue-tinged nose." Read the rest

Why I wrote fiction about a Rob Ford-inspired mad mayor who settles grudges with knife fights

David Nickle is a horror writer and a working journalist who covered Toronto City Hall during the Rob Ford years, an era in which the two professions effectively merged. Here, Nickle explains the events that led to his new short story collection Knife Fight and Other Struggles, which includes a tale of a larger-than-life mayor who settles interpersonal friction with, well, knife-fights.

The 'Geisters: spooky, scary novel

Horror writer David Nickle is a master of the creepy -- the reveal at the end of the horror story that lodges in your brain and revisits you in goosepimply moments of fear. I stole the idea of ambulatory thumbs in Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town from one of his short stories ("The Unshackling of Thumbs"), because once I read that story, the image just wouldn't get out of my head.

But with his new novel, The 'Geisters, Nickle manages to capture another of horror's delicious thrills: spookiness. From the first page, The 'Geisters exudes a hindbrain-teasing sense of lurking menace, the haunted-house creak of an impending apparition. It's a spectacular feeling, and Nickle tightrope-walks it for 300 too-short pages, building to a climax that's spooky, creepy and scary besides -- and all the moreso because of that long journey on the verge of fear.

Geisters is the story of Ann LeSage, a girl who manifests a violent and elusive poltergeist she calls the Insect. We meet Ann as she is about to get married to a lawyer named Michael Voors, who bemusedly resolves the cognitive dissonance of salt-shakers that move on their own without resorting to supernatural explanations. Ann knows better. She knows that the Insect has escaped from the mental prison she built for it after it killed her parents and turned her brother into a quadriplegic. As she and Michael depart for a lavish Caribbean honeymoon -- paid for by Michael's mentor, a rich winery owner -- the Insect manifests more frequently and in ways that grow ever more violent, culminating with their return flight making a disastrous emergency landing that kills her husband. Read the rest

Using Kickstarter to fund an unthemed, all original horror anthology edited by legendary Ellen Datlow

Bret sez, "Ellen Datlow is using Kickstarter to fund an unthemed, all original anthology of terror and supernatural fiction called Fearful Symmetries for Toronto-based ChiZine Publications. Ellen has won multiple World Fantasy, Locus, Hugo, Bram Stoker, International Horror Guild, and Shirley Jackson Awards for her editing, and was recently honored with the Life Achievement Award given by the Horror Writers Association. She's been working in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror fields for over 30 years. Ellen says, "The business of publishing is rapidly changing. It's always been hard to sell non-themed anthologies, but in today's publishing climate, it's especially difficult. This project is close to my heart, which is why I've decided to appeal to the public through Kickstarter in order to fund it." Ellen also plans to have an open reading period for Fearful Symmetries to give a chance to new talent. The money she and CZP are asking for will go toward paying professional rates to the contributors and the production team. Of course, her feline companions and she have to eat, too. Ellen and CZP are really excited about Fearful Symmetries and hope you'll support its publication!"

Fearful Symmetries: An Anthology of Horror Read the rest

World Science Fiction Travel Fund

Lavie Tidhar sez, "We're launching the World SF Travel Fund, to to enable one international person involved in science fiction, fantasy or horror to travel to a major genre event. The first person will be Charles A. Tan, from the Philippines, who is currently nominated for a World Fantasy Award. We are running a fund-raiser with some amazing prizes, including an original illustration by China Mieville from Un Lun Dun, a special donation from Neil Gaiman, a whole score of books from PS Publishing, and e-books and other rewards from Angry Robot Books, Chizine, Apex Publications, Tachyon and PS Publishing. Read the rest

Napier's Bones: math and mysticism make for great international adventure

Canadian science fiction author Derryl Murphy's debut novel is Napier's Bones, a novel about a secret group of "numerates" who have the power to control and manipulate the deep math lurking beneath the physical world to their benefit. All the great mathematicians of history were numerates, from Archimedes to the titular John Napier to Einstein, but most numerates never publicly pursue math. Instead, numerates use math to amass power, grabbing at the invisible numbers floating all around us and ordering them to do their bidding, manipulating probability and numerical systems to their advantage, cadging free phone calls and gaming ATMs. Numerates prize -- and fight over -- mystical artifacts of numerical significance or coincidence. The best numerates can imbue objects in the world with their own numbers and achieve a practical form of immortality.

Dom is a numerate who comes to awareness of a bus in Utah with no memory of how he got there. All the numbers on his ID and money have been charred off, and there's another person inside his head. This person -- Billy -- is the crippled avatar of some long-dead numerate, memories of his corporeal life lost. He and his former host were chasing a powerful artifact in the desert when they encountered a much more powerful numerate, possibly inhabited by John Napier and Archimedes, and the ensuing duel killed Billy's host. Desperate for new accommodations, Billy fled to Dom's mind.

Thus begins Dom's adventures, fleeing from the powerful numerate who killed Billy's host and attacked him. Read the rest

Choir Boats: free YA fantasy novel download is Gulliver's Travels meets Golden Compass and Pride & Prejudice

ChiZine publishing and author Daniel A. Rabuzzi are giving away free PDFs of Rabuzzi's YA fantasy novel The Choir Boats : "Described as 'vibrant' and rich with 'verve and wit,' it's a seagoing fantasy yarn that is like 'Gulliver's Travels crossed with The Golden Compass and a dollop of Pride and Prejudice.'"

Book of the Month: Critically Acclaimed Fantasy

(Thanks, Daniel!)

Borribles: wonderful YA fantasy novel in a new edition Free young adult novel, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in ... Read the rest

DRM-free top-flight horror novels

Brett from small-press horror publisher Chizine sez, "ChiZine Publications (CZP) is an independent publisher of weird, surreal, subtle, and disturbing dark literary fiction hand-picked by Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi, Bram Stoker Award-winning editors of ChiZine: Treatments of Light and Shade in Words. You've seen us mentioned recently here for books such as Lavie Tidhar & Nir Yaniv's The Tel Aviv Dossier, Robert Boyczuk's Horror Story and Other Horror Stories, David Nickle's Monstrous Affections, and Robert J. Wiersema's The World More Full of Weeping. Now those books, along with our whole catalogue, are available as low-cost DRM-free downloads, the full list of which includes:

- Brent Hayward's Filaria (novel) - Robert Boyczuk's Horror Story and Other Horror Stories (collection) - Lavie Tidhar & Nir Yaniv's The Tel Aviv Dossier (novel) - Daniel A. Rabuzzi's The Choir Boats (novel) - Robert J. Wiersema's The World More Full of Weeping (novella) - Claude Lalumière's Objects of Worship (collection) - David Nickle's Monstrous Affections (collection - which recently garnered starred reviews in both Publishers Weekly and Quill & Quire!)"

ChiZine Publications - Publishers - Digital Editions - Horror Mall

(Thanks, Brett!)

Previously: ChiZine party at WorldCon Montreal next week - Boing Boing Small sf press rallies despite recession - Boing Boing Todd Schorr's art book: American Surreal - Boing Boing

Read the rest

ChiZine party at WorldCon Montreal next week

Brett from ChiZine publishing sez,

We're launching FIVE books at WorldCon in Montreal this August.

* The Tel Aviv Dossier by Lavie Tidhar & Nir Yaniv * The Choir Boats by Daniel A. Rabuzzi * Objects of Worship by Claude Lalumiere * Monstrous Affections by David Nickle * The World More Full of Weeping by Robert J. Wiersema

This is an open party and everyone is welcome to come on by, meet the authors, get your books signed, and learn what's next for CZP.

Also in attendance will be Robert Boyczuk, author of Horror Story and Other Horror Stories; Deborah A. Mills, illustrator for The Choir Boats; CZP staff Brett Alexander Savory, Sandra Kasturi, and Matthew Moore. We'll have copies of all CZP titles available for sale.

PLEASE NOTE: The books we're launching will not be publicly available until later in the fall and we're making them specially available for WorldCon attendees!

WHEN: Saturday, August 8th, 2009 @ 7:30 WHERE: Maisonette Suite 2802 Delta Hotel Centre-Ville 777 University Street Montreal, QC

CZP launching five books at WorldCon!

(Thanks, Brett Read the rest

Small sf press rallies despite recession

Brett from the independent sf publisher ChiZine sez,

While many other publishers, big and small, have been firing people and putting acquisition freezes on their lists, we at ChiZine Publications have been trying to push our business to the wall and make a real go of it. To that end, we're launching four books at WorldCon in August:

Daniel Rabuzzi's 'The Choir Boats' Claude Lalumiere's 'Objects of Worship' (with a foreword by James Morrow) David Nickle's 'Monstrous Affections' (with a foreword by Michael Rowe) Robert J. Wiersema's 'The World More Full of Weeping'

However, until then--and to partly finance this big-ass launch--I need to try to sell as many pre-order copies of our third title, 'The Tel Aviv Dossier' by Lavie Tidhar & Nir Yaniv, through the CZP website as I can, so I was hoping you could help spread the word. We're offering 15% off until June 30th.

A potent mixture of biblical allusions, Lovecraftian echoes, and contemporary culture, The Tel Aviv Dossier is part supernatural thriller, part meditation on the nature of belief--an original and involving novel painted on a vast canvas in which, beneath the despair, humour is never absent. Experience the last days of Tel Aviv...

The Tel Aviv Dossier TPB pre-order info!

(Thanks, Brett!) Read the rest