Ex Machina: cyberpunk tabletop RPG

Ex Machina (from Guardians of Order) is a tabletop RPG based on cyberpunk science fiction, and it looks hella fun. The game is part of the dX system, which, like Steve Jackson Games's GURPS, is a generic set of rules for tabletop role-playing, intended to be supplemented with thematic rule-books that allow players to game in any kind of world, from high fantasy to wild west to underwear-and-tights superheros. — Read the rest

Another RPG publisher who uses DRM-free PDFs

A followup to an earlier post on Steve Jackson Games's excellent new DRM-free PDF-game-publishing venture, check out RPG Now. They publish PDF-based role-playing games without DRM, and, like SJG, they give you the ability to download your games over and over again, meaning that you can play anywhere there's a computer, even if you've forgotten your copies at home. — Read the rest