Man creates exact replica of Disney's Fantasyland in his basement

Meet Travis and take a tour of Larzland, his magical basement, which is an incredibly detailed recreation of Disneyland's Fantasyland – without the actual rides. He explains how he went to Disneyland by himself and took thousands of pictures so that he could get every little detail right, including cracks, chipped paint and all. Larzland looks like the happiest basement on earth!

To see some of his Larzland how-to videos, check out his YouTube channel here.

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Incredibly fast calculator fingers in Japan

"Before a finger leaves a key, the next key is already being pressed. She is making 9 keystrokes per second."

(From the Japanese TV series Begin Japanology)

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UPDATED RIP Ray Tomlinson, email inventor and at-sign popularizer

UPDATE This is a couple months old -- I read "Mar 5" as "May 5." My apologies.

Ray Tomlinson created the first networked email system in 1971 while working on his MIT doctorate and collaborating on the early ARPAnet at BBN; he used @ -- the at symbol -- to separate the username from the machinename because "it did not appear in user names and did not have any meaning in the TENEX paging program." Read the rest