UK Home Office's terrorist detection checklist

Snapped yesterday at the Mykonos, Greece airport: the UK Home Office's terrorist detection checklist for spotting existential threats to the human race before they can board. It's grimly fun to imagine the brutal false-positives this inane document must generate. My favourite (for sufficiently perverse definitions of "favourite") is a refugee who's just attained citizenship, but now has to rush away to attend the funeral of a brutalized relative. Read the rest

The flags really make this sign

USA USA USA Read the rest

Bruce Schneier's TSA logo redesign contest

Bruce Schneier is holding a TSA logo-redesign contest, inspired by Patrick "Ask the Pilot" Smith's suggestion, "a revised eagle, its talons clutching a box cutter and a toothpaste tube. It says 'Transportation Security Administration' around the top. Below are the three simple words of the TSA mission statement: 'Tedium, Weakness, Farce'".

I'm announcing the TSA Logo Contest. Rules are simple: create a TSA logo. People are welcome to give ideas in the comments, but only actual created logos are eligible to compete. (When my website administrator wakes up, I'll ask him how we can post images in the comments.) Contest ends on February 6th. Winner receives copies of my books, copies of Patrick Smith's book, an empty 12-ounce bottle labeled "saline" that you can refill and get through any TSA security checkpoint, and a fake boarding pass on any flight for any date.

TSA Logo Contest

(Image: I love to fly and it shows)

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