Tree-shaped ornaments each made of different woods

These bespoke tree-shaped ornaments by Forge Creative might look great hanging from a tree, but they would also be right at home on a mantlepiece or in a curio cabinet.

Quoth Forge:

These collectible tree ornaments are hand-turned on a lathe and each tree is unique. We use off-cuts form a wide variety of woods and turn a them into different shaped trees. This way each one ends up with its own unique character. These look great as a small collection on a mantlepiece. We will pick trees at random and If you buy more than one we try to send a mix of different wood types and shapes. If you wish to choose a specific wood or colour, let us know and we will see what we can do.

They have 35 shapes to choose from and all kinds of wood.

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Steampunk figurines from Mauser Earth

Miss Ticklenot (shown here) is one of several new steampunk figurines from Mauser Earth, 5cm high (1/35 scale). The whole collection is just terrific, and would make a great addition to your tabletop conquest-map of Europe or your carefully arranged desk-toy shrine.


(via Super Punch)

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