Mary Blair exhibition in San Francisco


4 Responses to “Mary Blair exhibition in San Francisco”

  1. Tavie says:

    Aw, DUDE. Another reason to wish I was in SF. First, I learn that Kids in the Hall are playing at SF Sketchfest next month. And now this awesome-looking exhibit on my favorite artist?

    NO FAIR.

  2. Keneke says:

    OMG, a non-Cory Disney artist post! A first!

    Just teasing, of course Mary Blair was a prized aritst.

  3. todayinart says:

    Excellent, thanks for the post. Looks like a cool show.

  4. invalidname says:

    Disney also recently put out a Cinderella story book with Mary Blair’s concept art set against a literate retelling by Cynthia Rylant. Great stuff, no singing mice.

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