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  1. franko says:

    freakies were definitely the best of the 70s cereals, but if i had to choose from the classic monster ones, it’s fruit brute all the way. then boo berry.

  2. Jawboneradio says:

    I love the monster cereals and did a Tryptych of art based on the three major ones. This is Franken Berry:

    I just loved them. Nothing else like em in the cereal world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No, you are thinking of “The Count” from Sesame Street. Chocula is simply obssessed with proving that he is better than Frankenberry and Booberry.

    Check out the YOUTUBE channel:

  4. Anonymous says:

    I remember an SNL skit where Al Franken accused General Mills of copying his butt without permission to make the Frankenberry character’s head. Wish I could find a link to it…

  5. ProgHead777 says:


    There’s a box of Fruity Pebbles sitting on my kitchen counter right now, I’m mildly ashamed to say. There’s something about that distinctive though mysterious “Froot” flavoring. Besides, it’s just rice and sugar with some vitamin compounds and flavoring. It’s probably better for me than the hormone-laced 2% milk I’m pouring over it.

  6. adampknave says:

    Wow, trippy. I just had my first full length novel published and it’s about versions of these same characters on a road trip. Stays Crunchy in Milk. And now I am seeing epople all over referencing the characters. When I wrote the book a year or two ago I figured no one would even remmeber the cereal. Heh.

  7. idjt says:

    ok so Count Chocula was the one with the numbers fetish, right? Always used to root for the Crunchberry Beast myself. :-)

  8. technogeek says:

    But are they all halal? (I presume they’re mostly plants and chemistry lab, possibly with some milk, so the answer’s probably yes.)

    Heard a report that consensus has been reached on a packaging mark that manufacturers can use to indicate that the product is halal, akin to the K-in-a-circle for kosher. (M in a circle, or something like that.) If so, that strikes me as eminently reasonable.

  9. Bassam Tariq says:

    @Lennybloke – thanks for pointing it out made the change.

    @technogeek – where did you hear that? can you link me? thanks!

  10. pyster says:

    I never found these monsters to be scary or creepy.

    What was creepy is that if you eat boo-berry for a few days you poop turns green.

  11. IronEdithKidd says:

    Fruit Brute was my favorite cereal when I was 4-ish. I was totally disapointed when GM stopped making it. None of the other monster cereals were remotely satisfying. Maybe that’s why I still like Fruity Pebbles. Man that cereal could use some tiny marshmallows. Then it would be perfect.

  12. isaacd says:

    My favorite cereal monster interpretation is the Breakfast of the Gods comic.

    It’s 3 volumes chock full of obscure mascots and a great story line.

    Though it is quickly approaching it’s epic conclusion…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Best boingboing post of the week. Thank you.

  14. Brainspore says:

    “The Onion” summed up my thoughts on these cereals nicely:
    Bloodthirsty, Undead Ghoul Advocates Chocolate-Cereal Consumption

  15. Pipenta says:

    As far as monster-themed breakfast cereal goes, the tastiest of the lot was the original Freakies. It was like Cap’t Crunch, only not quite so sweet. Also it did not leave your mouth in shreds.

    I also really miss Krispy Kritters, the one and only cereal that came in the shape of animals

    Now, when I need a junk food cereal fix, I go for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But not too often. It’s easy to O.D. on the stuff.

  16. gobo says:

    I was very happy to see the old-school-esque Monster Cereals at Target recently; the character designs had gotten horribly cutesy-wootsy over the last few years. Now they’re back to the early-80s versions, at least.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m still emotionally scarred from the Quisp vs. Quake wars of the 60s.

  18. cstatman says:

    booberry as Gobo said, Target at Halloween. I bought 3 boxes last year, and yes, green poo.

    Frankenberry was the one for me. it made pink milk

  19. animalqwacker says:

    I did some Monster Cereal prints a few years ago.
    Never did a Count Chocula I was satisfied with yet. Although it’s a popular request.

  20. urwhatuiz says:

    I’ve been DVRing “A Pup Named Scooby Doo” for my son. It’s pretty terrible. But I bring this up because on a recently aired episode, the gang sits down to watch “Count Chocula.” Rather than the cereal icon, he was a black vampire who hosts a horror movie show.

  21. ESQ says:

    Monster cereals have changed drastically, and are no longer the same as when I was young.

    Leetle brown tic tac shaped chocomallows, anyone?

    Today’s BooBerry is nothing short of rank. Shame, really.

  22. ESQ says:

    Speaking of choco-strawberry sugar stuff, anyone remember Addams’ Ice Cream flavored gum in choc, vanilla, and strawberry?

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