Relaxing with scientists


When the Congressional Science committee wants to talk about the cold weather, and when NASA has to defend their budget by explaining why NASA is important, it can make people who believe in facts… a bit tense.

The cure for this anti-science anxiety is to relax with the soothing voices of the very smart. Over at 8tracks, there are a couple of playlists that can make the evening peaceful and the morning hopeful. There Is No Shame In Reality and the similar The Most Important Thing You'll Listen To, are homemade albums of great modern thinkers talking all sciencey. These are hour-long greatest hits albums, and they both have sequels, made up of cool clear logic, sound reasoning and a touch of poetry from the likes of Carl Sagan, Christopher Hitchens, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and some non-scientist like Alan Watts and comedian Joe Rogan doing their thing, preaching the truth. Your kids won't think you're all old, listening to talk instead of Top 40, but every now and then, but having this kind of stuff on in the background might just sink in.