Rocking horse made from a vintage Vespa


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  1. Justin Watt says:

    Here’s the original source of the Vespa rocking horse, from back in October:

    Google Translate says “One of our readers sent us these wonderful pictures that depict an original Vespa made for rocking the little nephew Diego. The materials used are fiberglass, metal and imitation leather for the saddle.”

  2. styrofoam says:

    I could turn this into a scooter nerd screed about all the things that are ‘wrong’ about this thing- but nobody but nerds care. That’s why I left it at the simple size comparison.

    The original reason for posting this was all about how it was “recycled”. Theres a LOT of non-recycled stuff in there, probably amazingly un-green. But it’s totally awesome.

    (And the original articles mentions the green-reasons for driving a vespa… riding a vintage vespa isn’t terribly eco-friendly. The new ones, maybe a bit.)

    • dculberson says:

      Yeah, something about uncontrolled 2-stroke engines doesn’t strike me as particularly green. I bet a hummer is better for the environment, pollution-wise at least.

      Fuel injection and 4-stroke help the newer scooters a lot. Hopefully the newest ones are catalyzed.

  3. SamSam says:

    Ah, so the confusion was in their reading of “…depict an original Vespa [made for rocking]…”

    Reading the Italian, it’s perfectly clear that the person means “…depict an original [as in, made by hand and not copied] rocking-Vespa…”

    Then Greenwalla misunderstood (and didn’t use their eyes), freshome and cribcandy copied and kept the misunderstanding (without using their eyes) and Cory copied (ditto).

    Amazing how the blog telephone-game works. At least in this one only one error was introduced, not one at every relay station….

  4. deepfriedmars says:

    I’m calling this one as a full-on make. It looks too good. My guess would be it’s a fibreglass shell. It’s too perfect!

  5. jon_anon says:

    One of those “grandsons” should probably be a “granddad”. I think it would be cooler if it was a doting grandson who made it for his lucky granddad Diego, but that’s just me.

  6. styrofoam says:

    It’s a make.
    Imagine a full grown man sitting on that thing. His knees would be well over the handlebars.

    Vespa scooters may be dainty, but they’re not THAT small.

  7. Brainspore says:

    Yeah, something about uncontrolled 2-stroke engines doesn’t strike me as particularly green. I bet a hummer is better for the environment, pollution-wise at least.

    Depends which metrics you’re using to measure “environmentally friendly.” If you’re going by “resources used” then the vintage scooter is a clear win, but if you’re going on “which has cleaner exhaust” then not so much.

  8. SamSam says:

    Agree, but I think it’s a “fake,” not a “make.”

    As a proud owner of a Vespa, I can say that this is quite obviously not made out of a real one.

    It’s gorgeous, and I’d love to have one when I have a baby, but it’s simply not from a real one. The proportions are completely wrong (as styrofoam notes), the edges of the body are wrong, the angles are wrong. “Wrong” here meaning not actually from a real Vespa at all. “Right” for an excellent rocking horse.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m my own grandpa!

  10. bodenski says:

    Of course this is very nice and a great gift, but I think its just that the description is also scaled down and not quite correct. I too am a bit unsure how he managed to “recycle” by making a smaller fiberglass version, except that it may contain some original pieces (the logo?).
    I’d love to be able to make one.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That’s really obviously not a real Vespa repurposed, but a fibreglass model Vespa. Too small, side cowling not removable, proportions wrong…

  12. 30Rock says:

    In the famous words of Liz Lemon – “I want to go to there.”

  13. Nadaclue says:

    hhmmm…I have the shell of a ’57 VB1 vespa hanging from the rafters of my garage just begging to have something done to it. It needs more work ($$$) than I’m wanting to do and was trying to come up with a cool chair, but this would be an awesome alternative.

  14. midknyte says:

    Who cares. It’s full of awesome.

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