Rocking horse made from a vintage Vespa

A doting grandson turned a vintage Vespa scooter into a beautiful rocking horse for his grandson, Diego. Lucky kid!

Snappy Vespa Scooter Recycled Into Child's Rocking Horse (via Cribcandy)



  1. I’m calling this one as a full-on make. It looks too good. My guess would be it’s a fibreglass shell. It’s too perfect!

  2. One of those “grandsons” should probably be a “granddad”. I think it would be cooler if it was a doting grandson who made it for his lucky granddad Diego, but that’s just me.

  3. It’s a make.
    Imagine a full grown man sitting on that thing. His knees would be well over the handlebars.

    Vespa scooters may be dainty, but they’re not THAT small.

  4. Agree, but I think it’s a “fake,” not a “make.”

    As a proud owner of a Vespa, I can say that this is quite obviously not made out of a real one.

    It’s gorgeous, and I’d love to have one when I have a baby, but it’s simply not from a real one. The proportions are completely wrong (as styrofoam notes), the edges of the body are wrong, the angles are wrong. “Wrong” here meaning not actually from a real Vespa at all. “Right” for an excellent rocking horse.

  5. Of course this is very nice and a great gift, but I think its just that the description is also scaled down and not quite correct. I too am a bit unsure how he managed to “recycle” by making a smaller fiberglass version, except that it may contain some original pieces (the logo?).
    I’d love to be able to make one.

  6. That’s really obviously not a real Vespa repurposed, but a fibreglass model Vespa. Too small, side cowling not removable, proportions wrong…

  7. I could turn this into a scooter nerd screed about all the things that are ‘wrong’ about this thing- but nobody but nerds care. That’s why I left it at the simple size comparison.

    The original reason for posting this was all about how it was “recycled”. Theres a LOT of non-recycled stuff in there, probably amazingly un-green. But it’s totally awesome.

    (And the original articles mentions the green-reasons for driving a vespa… riding a vintage vespa isn’t terribly eco-friendly. The new ones, maybe a bit.)

    1. Yeah, something about uncontrolled 2-stroke engines doesn’t strike me as particularly green. I bet a hummer is better for the environment, pollution-wise at least.

      Fuel injection and 4-stroke help the newer scooters a lot. Hopefully the newest ones are catalyzed.

  8. Yeah, something about uncontrolled 2-stroke engines doesn’t strike me as particularly green. I bet a hummer is better for the environment, pollution-wise at least.

    Depends which metrics you’re using to measure “environmentally friendly.” If you’re going by “resources used” then the vintage scooter is a clear win, but if you’re going on “which has cleaner exhaust” then not so much.

  9. hhmmm…I have the shell of a ’57 VB1 vespa hanging from the rafters of my garage just begging to have something done to it. It needs more work ($$$) than I’m wanting to do and was trying to come up with a cool chair, but this would be an awesome alternative.

  10. Ah, so the confusion was in their reading of “…depict an original Vespa [made for rocking]…”

    Reading the Italian, it’s perfectly clear that the person means “…depict an original [as in, made by hand and not copied] rocking-Vespa…”

    Then Greenwalla misunderstood (and didn’t use their eyes), freshome and cribcandy copied and kept the misunderstanding (without using their eyes) and Cory copied (ditto).

    Amazing how the blog telephone-game works. At least in this one only one error was introduced, not one at every relay station….

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