Macro photos of eyes

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Our boy Dean Putney spotted a series of gorgeous macro photographs of eyes by Suren Manvelyan. "Your beautiful eyes" (Photography Served via Reddit)


  1. The eye itself is really beautiful…

    But I’ve always thought close ups of hair were gross. Those eyelashes are creeping me out.

  2. I’ll bet CG artists could use images like these.

    The catch light from that hexagonally gridded strobe looks strange close up.

  3. Wait- is it the light that has a hexagonal grid, or do corneas actually have scaly, hexagonal bumps?

    1. I thought the same thing, until I looked at the set and realized that those were reflections from the lights.

  4. I’m surprised by some of the comments – I thought these were pretty cool. I never realized how much texture the colored part of your eye has: like a topographical map. Beautiful.

  5. I generally think our bodies are amazing and mostly beautiful, but eyes look gross that close up.

  6. I was involved in electronic publishing of a pharmaceutical study on a drug which may affect the color of the iris (occasional — permanent — darkening in light brown or not-quite-blue eyes. no, not the eyelash enhancer, but that’s probably a related drug).

    The trial included about 10,000 digital photos of patients’ irises over time. Many were stunningly beautiful. Occasionally, there was a scary, red, irritated, clumpy-eyelashed nightmare, one of which was blown up to poster size in my office as an incentive to work faster.

    At the time (7 years ago), it was an enormous data project. By today’s standards, it’s a drop in the bucket. IIRC, they were about 50MB each, uncompressed to avoid any color changes.

  7. Really bad choice of lighting. Completely ruins the shots for me, other than that they’re awesome.

  8. I’m an eye doc. One of the things I love most about my job is seeing these kinds of views all day long. My patient population is mostly Hispanic, so I get to gawk at some especially beautiful eyes. These anterior segment photos are really excellent for someone not using a camera specially made for the purpose. The eye is the most aesthetically beautiful part of the body, no question.

  9. I actually have an ongoing project of collecting photos of my friends eyes like this. I like that the “webbing” in the iris actually tend to differ based on ethnicity, as I’ve notice with asian eyes it usually stops about half way and doesnt reach all the way out to the white if the eye. You can kind of see it here with my eye: as opposed to my friend simons:

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