Trailer Tuesday: Born Losers 1967

[Video Link] "These are the Born Losers. The sickest sicko gang that ever terrorized a town, while the law stood helpless." It stars Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin.

Wikipedia has a good article about the movie:

Born Losers is a 1967 action film and the first of the Billy Jack movies. The film introduced Tom Laughlin as the half-Indian Green BeretVietnam veteran Billy Jack. Since 1954 Laughlin had been trying to produce his Billy Jack script about discrimination toward American Indians. In 1967 he decided to introduce the Billy Jack character in a quickly written script designed to capitalize on the then-popular trend in motorcycle gang movies. The story was based on a real incident from 1964 where members of the Hells Angels were arrested for raping two teenage girls in Monterey, California.
Born Losers


  1. This movie is amazing.  Oddly enough, Elizabeth James only had one other, smaller, role before disappearing into the Ether.  It was as a dispatcher in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.

    You need to see this movie:

  2. the movie made me sick in 1967 and the trailer is still sick.  The Billy Jack guy was one of the worst actors in history.  They made a semi-major motion picture starring him and it was worse than this one.

    The movie was so bad, the acting so wooden, that it was kinda camp (a good old 70’s word).

  3. Before all you kids get ultra hip and clamor to make fun of this movie, know that these films (there were four of them) were independents done in a DIY spirit by writer/producer/director/actor Tom Laughlin. You know, the same kind of off Hollywood films you all would clamor to support today.

    1. Allow me to break this to you gently,  a movie can be both independent and full of DIY spirit and still be an atrocity.

      Mr. Laughlin you can have a seat right over there next to Mr. Wood

  4. But they weren’t atrocities, Brian. They were highly successful independent films that were cultural landmarks of the time. Sorry to have to break that to you.

  5. Thanks to this film I’ve always known those hideous white, thick-framed sunglasses as “Born Losers Sunglasses”, a reference that sod all people seem to know

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