Trailer Tuesday: Born Losers 1967


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  1. xzzy says:

    That ridiculous scream-to-sob at 1:31 needs to turn into a meme, and it’d be a better one than the wilhelm.

  2. Tuff Luke says:

    This movie is amazing.  Oddly enough, Elizabeth James only had one other, smaller, role before disappearing into the Ether.  It was as a dispatcher in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.

    You need to see this movie:

  3. Andrew says:

    the movie made me sick in 1967 and the trailer is still sick.  The Billy Jack guy was one of the worst actors in history.  They made a semi-major motion picture starring him and it was worse than this one.

    The movie was so bad, the acting so wooden, that it was kinda camp (a good old 70′s word).

  4. yupgiboy says:

    Before all you kids get ultra hip and clamor to make fun of this movie, know that these films (there were four of them) were independents done in a DIY spirit by writer/producer/director/actor Tom Laughlin. You know, the same kind of off Hollywood films you all would clamor to support today.

    • Brian Cain says:

      Allow me to break this to you gently,  a movie can be both independent and full of DIY spirit and still be an atrocity.

      Mr. Laughlin you can have a seat right over there next to Mr. Wood

  5. Teller says:

    Billy Jack, the spiritual ass kicker.

  6. yupgiboy says:

    But they weren’t atrocities, Brian. They were highly successful independent films that were cultural landmarks of the time. Sorry to have to break that to you.

  7. Ryan Griffin says:

    Seen it. Good biker camp.  Death Race 2000 was way better though :P

  8. Chris Tucker says:

    There’s less self-righteous preaching in Jesus Camp than there is in any Billy Jack movie. 

  9. lewis_stoole says:

    two thumbs up!  way up! (my thumbs, not siskel and eberts)

  10. * Red Wolf says:

    Thanks to this film I’ve always known those hideous white, thick-framed sunglasses as “Born Losers Sunglasses”, a reference that sod all people seem to know

  11. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Liked the denim jacket with the stitched “m” on the breast pocket.
     “Mangler” perhaps?

  12. Itsumishi says:

    I especially like how the trailer seems to tell you 80% of the story.

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