Maruchan noodles are an almost free lunch

A 12-pack of chicken flavor Maruchan Instant Lunch ramen noodles is just on Amazon. Not a bad price for nearly 3,000 calories of salty goodness. Read the rest

Little league parents don't like child umpire's call, so they beat each other

On a nice afternoon in Lakewood, Colorado, parents attending their seven-year-old children's baseball game decided that the best way to deal with a controversial call made by the 13-year-old umpire was to storm the field, scream, and hit one another.

From Deadspin:

Lakewood (Colo.) Police handed out issued four citations for disorderly conduct, and are still seeking suspects for potentially more serious charges, after 15–20 grown-ups got into a big ol’ brawl in the middle of a 7-year-olds’ baseball game this weekend.

The cause of the fight? According to police, one parent was upset with calls made by the game’s 13-year-old umpire. Things devolved quickly, and in a really depressing moment at around four seconds of the video, you can see the children in the field fleeing for safety.

In the background, you can hear a woman making a personal request to Jesus Christ to stop the brawl. The video ends before we can see whether or not the son of God arrived and intervened. Read the rest

US health care plan perfectly described in a single tweet

Millennial dad nailed it.

Read the rest

Is this the best way to peel garlic?

Hold a bulb of garlic in one hand, a paring knife in the other. Jab the knife into a clove and lever it out of the husk.

Image: Twitter Read the rest

Complete instructions for making a replica of the Minivac 601 educational computer kit

Michael Gardi built a nice replica of the Minivac 601 computer kit, and made the plans available on Instructables. Read the rest

Video of violent turbulence on a flight

This is a reminder to wear seatbelts when flying.

Image: YouTube Read the rest

50 people from 50 US states speak in their local accents

I never thought I had a distinctive Colorado accent until people from California noted my dropped Gs at the end of "ing" words. I've since stopped dropping Gs, but when I go back to Colorado I can't help myself and I drop my Gs. In this Condé Nast Traveler video, 50 people from 50 US states speak in their local accents.

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Cheap wireless laser printer with 3rd party toner is the way to go

I've had a Brother wireless laser printer for close to 10 years. It's so much faster and cheaper than an inkjet printer, and doesn't cause problems like an inkjet printer.  Right now, Amazon is selling the Brother HL-L2350DW, which prints on two-sides of a sheet, for . Official toner cartridges are for a high-yield toner cartridge (3,000 pages), but you can get TWO third-party high-yield cartridges for just , making this a cheap, reliable printer. Read the rest

This trig problem kept me up too late last night

My daughter is taking a precalc summer school course. Last night she was doing her homework, which was about verifying trigonometric identities. Out of the 25 homework problems, there was one that she got stuck on. I decided to give it a try and spent two hours on it without solving it.

Here it is. Verify the identity:

(sec x - tan x)² = (1 - sin x )/(1 + sin x )

You don't need to know anything about trigonometry to solve this. All you need to know are the fundamental trigonometric identities, which are:

My daughter is in class now and she texted me the answer. There's not too many steps involved. Let's see how fast you can solve it. Read the rest

Jealous stag beetles fight over girl friend

Male stag beetles' horns are longer than their body, and these two boy beetles put them to use in a scuffle to win the heart of a girl beetle. The winner mates with the girl beetle of his dreams, but then makes a terrible mistake.

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Incredible herding dogs guide ducks through an obstacle course

Three herding dogs expertly guide a group of ducks through a hula hoop and a human arch.

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Cat filter inadvertently applied to live feed of Pakistani politician

Applying a cat filter to a politician is an egregious act. Everyone knows politicians require clown filters.

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Lyrics website used clever encoding to catch Google copying its content

Genius is a lyrics website, and it has long suspected that Google has been copying its song lytic transcriptions. Google has denied the accusation. But in 2016 Genius started using combinations of straight and curly apostrophes in its lyrics in such a way as to spell out "red handed" in Morse code. When Google was caught serving "red handed" lyrics it said it would terminate agreements with the licensing partner suspected of lifting the lyrics from Genius.

From The Wall Street Journal:

After this article was published online Sunday, Google issued a second statement to say it was investigating the issue raised by Genius and would terminate its agreements with partners who were “not upholding good practices.”

In 2016, Google forged a partnership with LyricFind, a Canadian company that secures deals with music publishers allowing companies such as Google to publish lyrics online. LyricFind Chief Executive Darryl Ballantyne said in an email that his company creates lyrics using its own content team. “We do not source lyrics from Genius,” he said.

I'll bet LyricFind soon blames a "rogue" employee or contractor for lifting the transcriptions from Genius.

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Casino card dealers don't like it when players watch porn at the table

Casino dealers told Vice what kind of customers they don't like: ones who call them bad names, throw chips and cards at them, watch pornographic videos on their phones while playing at the table, go to the bathroom without washing their hands then handle chips and cards, micromanage them, get french fry grease on the cards, don't shower and smell bad, don't tip (dealers get $5 an hour), tell the dealer they hope they die, stab other players with a fork, sexually harass them.

Who would have guessed?

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Stretch Armstrong vs giant neodymium magnet

The Action Lab Man starts this video by pinning his hand between a large neodymium magnet and a bunch of 1943 steel pennies. He repeats the demonstration with a Stretch Armstrong toy in place of his hand and sharp screws and hardware in place of the pennies. Spoiler alert: Mr. Armstrong does not survive the ordeal. Read the rest

Cryptid is a fun tabletop game of "honest misdirection"

Yesterday for Father's Day we went to the GameHaus Cafe in Glendale, California. Your town likely has a place like this - you can rent a table and play games from a large library. (GameHaus has about 1,500 games.)

Our favorite game of the day was Cryptid. It's a game of "honest misdirection" in which players try to figure out the exact location of a monster on a map. Each player is given a secret clue. A clue might say "The habitat is within three spaces of a green structure," or "The habitat is within two spaces of bear territory," or "The habitat is within one space of swamp." There is only one hexagon on the map that satisfies all the clues. It's a player's job to figure out what the other players' clues are by taking turns and asking them if a hexagon meets the conditions of their secret clue. The first player to correctly identify where the cryptid lives is the winner.

The game is different every time you play it, because the map can be put together in many different ways and landmarks can be placed on different hexagons. The game has a link to a website map- and clue-generator that makes it easy to set up the 6 pieces of the map and place structures (standing rocks and abandoned shacks) on specified hexagons. For the three of us, a game took about 30 minutes to play. We played twice and I'm probably going to buy it so we can play at home. Read the rest

Internal organs one piece swimsuit

If you're in the market for a long sleeve one-piece bathing suit with human organs on in, here you go. It's just on Amazon. Read the rest

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