Mouthful of Diamonds


7 Responses to “Mouthful of Diamonds”

  1. juepucta says:

    that is an apt description of the tune

  2. Mr. Mole says:

    Best band to come out of rural America in years!  

  3. joe k. says:

    Hmm… Moog droning and some twangy guitar… pretty and light singing on top… People seem to really dig this band, but I’m teh not getting it…

  4. lewis desmond says:

    Addictive and stimulating

  5. it’s aweful…so much potential but the words and the squeeky toy in the middle repetitively LOL….try again..

  6. confu says:

    Just bought the album after listening to “Mouthful of Diamonds” and “When I´m Small”  without  video.  The videos are nice, too,  but distracted me from the music. But I really like it!

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