Guide for bloggers who worry that they'll be imprisoned by their governments


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  1. Kyle Morrison says:

    Holy cow, it’s like 3-4 pages of complete outrage on Boing Boing right now. DRM, assassination, TOR. What a glorious shit-show! ;-)

  2. Mordicai says:

    Hey, this should only be important for people who live in oppressive regimes where the government can imprison you without trial or suspend your right to free speech for no reason.  No need to worry!

  3. pauldrye says:

    Do they have a list for people who live outside of the United States?

    (Hooray! to going for the obvious comment since the obvious seems too hard to see these days)

  4. Phil Fot says:

    I don’t care if they come for me or not. I have enough shit parceled out to various people and shit disturbing organizations that any significant lack of me will be a definite “oh, shit” for a great many people.

    Sometimes it’s nice being old. You have already had the best fun and have less time to lose if it all comes to a crashing end.

  5. Kommkast says:

    Shame that the US is really hitting the fan, I’m hearing a number of angel investors are preparing to leave “just in case” because the US will be too risky for them.. I still wonder if MMOs will be illegal under all this.

  6. MyFreeWeb says:

    Re: Login credentials to your social media

    I made a little app for tweeting with one-time passwords w/o giving away the twitter account one:

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