Paul Gravett interviews R. Crumb


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  1. IamInnocent says:

    Crumb’s genius art is the ultimate proof that we need everyone on this planet, even a guy with just one eye looking in through his ass hole.

  2. Graeme McGregor says:

    Jesus, what a whinger. “Oh, the French appreciate and have more respect for comics, allowing me to have exhibitions in national galleries and attend national conventions and earn more money and attention.

    But that’s bad because it allows other artists I don’t like to produce work.”
    Crumb does not come across well here.

    • semiotix says:

      What do you dislike about France?

      It’s a general disgust with humanity.

      I’ll give him some credit for candor here, but yeah, guy, we know. It bleeds off every page you’ve ever drawn.

      I’m not denying his talent, although I’m not raving about it either. But of all the schticks, that’s the one whose appeal I’ve never understood at all. (And I’m a miserable jerk who likes comix, so I ought to be his target audience.)

  3. jemouton says:

    “The French government supports art, there are a lot of art subventions, I don’t know why, they give a lot of money. Lots of people get on this bandwagon and make such terrible, terrible art, all over France. ”

    OK Bob !   You re kind of right but me, I would say that here in France, people would think I am a fascist or that I vote for Sarkozy because it s the kind of reform it tried to do about art and subventions so the Art market is more free with “good artist making good art ” and bad artist changing job because they are not good at what they do… it make sense though.

    But coming from as american liberal lefty artist , I am kind of confused !!

    So Art has to be bankable to be art ?  Or is art only marketing ?

    • IamInnocent says:

       Or, maybe, what’s leftist in the US is still a good deal to the right of the center almost anywhere else?

  4. niktemadur says:

    We just came back from going on the Metro and you look at humanity and it’s just appalling.

    Mr Crumb should try the one in Barcelona, my lingering impression is that the Catalans are really, really cool both above and underground, without any douchiness whatsoever.

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