The Future, as imagined by Hollywood

Eclectic Method's awesome montage of the future as seen in film. (Thanks, Jason Tester!)


    1. I think I also caught a few shots from “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” which is set in an alternate history version of 1939.

      1. Right. Although one could make the case that as a retro-futurist film, it’s still a vision of the future, just one as imagined from an earlier time. (or , I guess, how we imagine it was imagined.  ok now i’m confused).

  1. Cool idea, but at least half of them went by so fast that I couldn’t really register what I was seeing.

  2. Excellent, I think it’s awesome that 2001 a space odyssey, was used so heavily considering it’s age. it hardly looks dated today. startling when you consider that it was made 2 years prior to the first moon landing and only a few years after the scientific discovery of LSD. I can’t help but thinking out grandkids in 50 years time will look at this compilation and laugh, as we do the old black and white visions of the future from the 1950s60s. Back to the Future predicted the commercial availability of the hoverboard and flying car by 2015. part of me remains hopeful I haven’t been lied to by TV.

    1. I find it rather amusing that Starfleet Academy is usually depicted in the Presidio, which is the same part of San Francisco that currently plays home to Lucasfilm.

  3. Future may not be available shown. 
    Future not available in parts of India, Asia, Africa, Central and South America.
    Individual fates may vary.

  4. Interesting how many of the gizmos have become reality.  We all carry Star Trek communicators these days.  And I saw some megapixel billboards that were supposed to seem futuristic…  when?  Five years ago?

    1. My pet peeve.  No, we do not carry Star Trek communicators these days. 

      What we carry relies on a vast network of cells towers, many of which are connected by cable.  Purely radio-based communication with the same range as Star Trek communicators is not available to the general public – especially not at the size.

      Not to mention that the communicator worked on subspace frequencies, i.e. faster than light. Also, try to destroy a cliff with two cell phones – it’s take a little bit longer than the few minutes shown in TOS.

  5. Cinema future can never be too far from our present.  For it to resonate it has have a bit of “the more things change, the more they stay the same” to it.

    1. Cinema past, too.  Even cavemen or ancient Egyptians act more or less how people act in the time a movie was made.

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