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20 Responses to “Dramatic apple cat”

  1. Mr_Smooth says:

    New to me, taht is awesome thanks!

  2. hug h says:

    Oh the humanity! My God those poor apples.

  3. I laughed so hard I cried

  4. tubacat says:

    That is hilarious – the editing is great, both with the music and the visuals. I love the mysterious gray flash at the beginning that might be a ghost, or an alien, or … a maaad kitten!

  5. Steve Collins says:

    This is a much safer version of kitty flipping. 

  6. I hope people aren’t just giving their pets LSD and filming the results

  7. robuluz says:

    Good God. That’s been scored.

  8. agbullet says:

    No way this score wasn’t written specifically for this clip.

  9. bersy says:

    I’ve always imagined an orchestra in the other part of the bedroom, behind the camera.

  10. Arys says:

    I don’t know if ‘chase’ is the right word. LOL He’s really trying to scere the seeds out of those apples, though! Such a ferocious little cub!

  11. Eric Calhoun says:

    Mind. Blown. That was Pink Floyd-Wizard of Oz all over again. That kitty is in touch with powerful synchronicities. 

  12. Snig says:

    I would love for there to be a full live concert of symphonic scores with cat videos playing on a large screen.  

  13. Valentina Nardo says:

    Those apples: definitively not in the right place.