Dramatic apple cat

"kitten vs TWO scary things (котенок против ДВУХ неведомых хреней)" first made the rounds in 2011, but a kitten chasing apples on a bed set to dramatic music is timeless. The video was created by ignoramusky, who's well-known for orchestrating animal videos. See also: Epic Cat Fight (cat's horror), and the making of, and "Bonus Chameleon was frightened by iphone (what he saw?)." (Thanks, MonkeyBoy and Rebecca Beal!)


  1. That is hilarious – the editing is great, both with the music and the visuals. I love the mysterious gray flash at the beginning that might be a ghost, or an alien, or … a maaad kitten!

    1. I know! I loved this the first time around, but I still wonder how on earth they made the music fit so perfectly.

      EDIT: This version is a clone set up to phish WOW passwords. Do not drive traffic to him. I think the original is here:

  2. I don’t know if ‘chase’ is the right word. LOL He’s really trying to scere the seeds out of those apples, though! Such a ferocious little cub!

  3. I would love for there to be a full live concert of symphonic scores with cat videos playing on a large screen.  

      1. There was a cat film festival in Minneapolis last year. Surely, that was the time and place.

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