Dramatic apple cat

"kitten vs TWO scary things (котенок против ДВУХ неведомых хреней)" first made the rounds in 2011, but a kitten chasing apples on a bed set to dramatic music is timeless. The video was created by ignoramusky, who's well-known for orchestrating animal videos. See also: Epic Cat Fight (cat's horror), and the making of, and "Bonus Chameleon was frightened by iphone (what he saw?)." (Thanks, MonkeyBoy and Rebecca Beal!)


20 Responses to “Dramatic apple cat”

  1. Mr_Smooth says:

    New to me, taht is awesome thanks!

  2. hug h says:

    Oh the humanity! My God those poor apples.

  3. I laughed so hard I cried

  4. tubacat says:

    That is hilarious – the editing is great, both with the music and the visuals. I love the mysterious gray flash at the beginning that might be a ghost, or an alien, or … a maaad kitten!

  5. Steve Collins says:

    This is a much safer version of kitty flipping. 

  6. I hope people aren’t just giving their pets LSD and filming the results

  7. robuluz says:

    Good God. That’s been scored.

  8. agbullet says:

    No way this score wasn’t written specifically for this clip.

  9. bersy says:

    I’ve always imagined an orchestra in the other part of the bedroom, behind the camera.

  10. Arys says:

    I don’t know if ‘chase’ is the right word. LOL He’s really trying to scere the seeds out of those apples, though! Such a ferocious little cub!

  11. Eric Calhoun says:

    Mind. Blown. That was Pink Floyd-Wizard of Oz all over again. That kitty is in touch with powerful synchronicities. 

  12. Snig says:

    I would love for there to be a full live concert of symphonic scores with cat videos playing on a large screen.  

  13. Valentina Nardo says:

    Those apples: definitively not in the right place.

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