Ocelot of bouncing around

Boing Boing! Read the rest

'Pirates of Caribbean' theme song on a calculator

Genius! You're gonna want to unmute, and turn your sound up. Read the rest

Calls of 'active shooter' lead to evacuation of Century City Mall, Los Angeles police respond to reports of 'Man with a Gun'

“Nothing has been confirmed,” an LAPD officer told LA Times. “We’re trying to resolve the situation.”

Bernie Sanders cut his head on shower door, got 7 stitches, shows up to a health care town hall 2 hours later

Bernie Sanders cut his head on the edge of a shower door, received 7 stitches at the hospital, and will pursue his schedule as planned in South Carolina and Nevada, says to his campaign. Read the rest

There is a federal criminal investigation into Facebook's data-sharing deals

The Eastern District of New York empaneled a Grand Jury into the dirty data dealings of Facebook.

Capitol Police arrest man projecting 'Discrimination is Wrong' on Rayburn House Office Building

Not all heroes wear capes.

You'll never guess what app teens use for sexting these days

What's the hottest teen chat app right now? Not Snapchat. Not Tiktok. And not Facebook Messenger (like, eww).

Nope. It's none of those. Read the rest

Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox & WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels are leaving

Facebook executive shakeup comes one week after company announced "privacy-focused" brand makeover.

Facebook + Instagram + WhatsApp outage 'resolved,' blamed on 'server configuration change'

'Sorry,' and it wasn't a DDOS, says Facebook.

Loving German Shepherd eyes. Wait 'til the end.

Meet Dogbert the German Shepherd. Read the rest

White bats chilling out peacefully in their leaf tent

Honduran white bats in their tent made out of leaves. Read the rest

This dog has the most hypnotic eyes

Hypnopup. Read the rest

Bulldogs cleverly try to 'play dead' to avoid being scolded

Who among us has not tried to come up with a novel technique for escaping the consequences of our own foolishness? Read the rest

Dog enjoys riding on his wheelie board

You might say this dog is a wheelie good boy. Read the rest

DIY Giant Epoxy Resin Handle Screwdriver

This epic Giant Epoxy Resin Handle Screwdriver “making of” video is really something to behold. Jackman Works has outdone himself. Read the rest

Dachshund enjoys snuggling bunny

Because it's nice to cuddle up with a friend sometimes. Read the rest

Clever bird adapts to pecking order

Sometimes life comes at you fast, and you just have to make the best of a challenging situation. Read the rest

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