Thief sucked used Burger King grease into 1,600 gallon truck container to resell for biofuel

Guess used Burger King grease is the new copper wires nowadays. Read the rest

Millions of rehab records leak, including patient names – nearly 150,000 affected

'Confederate' militia detains migrants at gunpoint — with Border Patrol's tacit OK, they claim

“If these people follow our verbal commands, we hold them until Border Patrol comes. Border Patrol has never asked us to stand down.”

Marijuana makes people morally unfit for U.S. citizenship, pot users lack 'good moral character' — Trump administration

Pot makes immigrants ineligible for citizenship even if pot is legal in the state where they reside.

New York Times prints 'I'm fucked' on front page 😱

Hell has frozen over. Read the rest

This 2015 Facebook/Instagram post was 'earliest evidence' of Russia's attack, says Mueller report

"Good evening buds!" the post read.

Here are 20 questions raised by the Mueller Report

Barr's redactions aside, I have questions.

Read the full text of the Mueller report here, as redacted by Barr

Dems fight for unredacted report's release

Squirrel enjoys eating avocado while wearing avocado helmet

Yes, thank you, I know guacamole is extra. Read the rest

Facebook working on creepy new voice assistant nobody wants or needs

Just what we needed, said exactly no one.

Polar bear got lost in Russia, hundreds of miles from home [video, photo]

“Environmentalists say the bear could have lost its bearings while drifting on an ice floe.”

Mueller report may already have been read to Trump White House, former CIA chief John Brennan hints

Trump AG Barr says they'll release a redacted version of Mueller’s report Thursday.

Frankenswine: Pig brains partly revived by scientists 4 hours after pigs were killed

Yale scientists have managed to restore some biological function to the brains of dead pigs killed in a slaughterhouse 4 hours before the experiment. Read the rest

Funny 'Game of Thrones' premiere recap [S8 E1]

Here is a wonderful tl;dw meme recap of the premiere episode of the 8th season of Game of Thrones, by chrysreviews. There are 260 frames here. A work of genius by a fan, don't sue please.

Spoilers below. Read the rest

Horse enjoys playing synthesizer with his mouth

“Sing us a soooonng, you’re the pianohorse”

Male tech execs accused of sexual misconduct now getting second chances

* whether they deserve one or not

When you're trying to stab that last cherry tomato in your salad

You're gonna want to unmute this. Read the rest

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