How many people have died in the Syrian civil war?


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  1. Jonathan Phillip Sherrill says:

    NPR reported this figure today (heard on my 10 minute Urbana to Champaign IL commute) and mentioned chemical weapons (including Sarin gas) most likely used and confirmed hundreds of deaths from that.  Good to know that good old bullets and high explosives won’t be made obsolete anytime soon by CBRN munitions.

  2. Sean Moore says:

    Way to many.

  3. Nadreck says:

    “Civil War”?  This is a colonial war against the Russian Empire.  Assad would have been swinging from a lamppost within a couple of weeks without the billions that the Russians have been pumping into this slaughter in order to maintain their huge Syrian naval base:  13 billion in previous arms sales were written off and about 4 billion in new cash, mostly for weapons, has been pumped in since the start of this.  Assad, in terms of numbers, basically has almost no support but what he has has access to limitless, free high tech weaponry while his opponents have to built their stuff in the backyard.  He’s so dependant on the Russians that he can’t even print Syrian money inside Syria.  The mint had to be moved to Moscow.  I doubt if his side even has access to food apart from what comes in on cargo planes.

    The goal here is not to control Syria or Syrians but to eliminate threats to the Empire’s ability to “project military power” in the Mediterranean.  If that means that the local puppet has to kill off 50 to 60 percent of the locals, well – it won’t be the first time.  As one of their Afghan puppets once famously said, of a country with a population of around 16 million, “Look, we only need 2 million people to have a revolution; who cares what happens to the rest?”

    • YourOldBuddy says:

      I was going to say something, but I’m being logged. 

    • Boris Bartlog says:

      His opponents are armed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The articles you read about plucky Syrian rebels improvising weapons in their backyard are propaganda from the US side. Given the Sunni/Shia demographics, it *does* seem likely that he would have fallen already in the absence of any outside aid; but this is not Russia backing Assad against his people, it’s Russia backing the Shiites (Iran/Assad/Hezbollah, maybe Iraq) and the US backing the Sunnis (Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Bahrain, with a little assist from Turkey), with Syria as the arena.

  4. Joe says:

    Five comments here, 25 on the post about eyeball licking.

    Our priorities are obvious.

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