Free vibrators for non-essential federal employees

Spocko sez, "It's nice to know that some companies understand that non-essential federal employees are people too, with needs and wants and not robots that can be shut off with a switch. Thankfully understands and is giving away free vibrators to Federal Employees during the government shutdown. They are giving away 200 a day. Simply enter the coupon code. 'IAmAFederalEmployee'"

They won't do a background check to confirm you are one, but if you lie they point out, 'Karma will get you.

Note: Congress Representatives, who voted for the shutdown, are all deemed "essential" so are ineligible. But since they are still getting paid, they can afford to buy their own.

Free Vibrator For Federal Employees During The Government Shutdown (Thanks, Spocko!)

Notable Replies

  1. Silas says:

    They ought to send them to Congress so they could go fuck themselves. Least they could do.

  2. I was thinking they should get free butt plugs.

  3. No good. They'd never fit with all those sticks up there.

  4. Or their heads.

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