Weird, Michael Jackson really did talk to the man in the mirror

"I'm not a narcissist... just trying this mirror thing... testing the camera... seeing how well it works... doooooo... applehead."

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Watch this comedian's hilarious step-by-step 'Tainted Love' dance tutorial

When you've got moves like comedian Joe Kwaczala, it's best not to keep them to yourself. He says, "Yes, this is going to be the official dance from the music video." No, it's not. Watch it anyway.

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Pee-wee Herman's TV commercial for Japanese securities firm

In 1990, Pee-wee Herman recorded this delightful TV commercial for Japanese company Wako Securities. As we know, the following year, Pee-wee (aka Paul Reubens) was arrested for indecent exposure in an adult theater. From an Associated Press article at the time:

″I know this may sound rude coming from a sponsor of his commercials, but he is not that famous in Japan, and the news doesn’t create as much of a fuss as in the United States,″ said Wako Securities Co. spokesman Yoshihei Nishimura.

He said, however, that ″renewing the contract with him is unthinkable, given common sense″

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A relentless stream of great movie insults, now with a dance beat

Sticks and stones may break my bones but supercuts never hurt me. (NSFW)

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Bread faces

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Wonderful video of teen with Tourette's cooking an omelette

Ryleigh is a teenager with Tourette Syndrome who makes absolutely wonderful videos like the one below that she hopes will "spread awareness about Tourettes as well as joy and laughter." See more of her clips at Tourettes Teen!

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Watch this very funny glass door prank

Well played and certainly worth the effort:

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The Trump Boat is a great parody of The Love Boat opener

The schmaltzy opening for one of the worst TV shows ever is perfect for the worst administration ever.

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Worker at Utah DMV wears best #Halloween costume ever for DMV worker

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Cat crashes a fashion show catwalk, hilarity ensues

A cat stole the show at the recent Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey by preening itself, playfully attacking models, and actually walking the catwalk. Read the rest

Rapper 50 Cent's expensive psy-ops prank on rival Ja Rule

Rapper 50 Cent says he bought 200 front seats to an upcoming Ja Rule concert just to keep them empty and psych out his longtime arch-enemy. Read the rest

These dog and cat face swaps are creepy

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Dog lip-syncs to System of a Down

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How not to wear a motorcycle helmet (funny video clip)

This man's reaction when a stranger points out he's wearing his motorcycle helmet BACKWARDS is endearing. Read the rest

Excellent trailer for Pee-wee's Big Halloween

I only wish that this was the real new Halloween film.

It’s been 40 years since Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) survived a vicious attack from the crazy and zany Pee-wee Herman on Halloween night. But when Pee-wee escapes, will her family be safe from what is certainly to be his biggest Halloween adventure ever?

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L.A. morning show host surprised that a K-pop star from Vancouver speaks English

After K-pop group NCT 127 from Vancouver, Canada performed on KTTV-Fox 11's Good Day L.A., host Araksya Karapetyan gave one of the singers an odd compliment: "Very cool, your English is awesome. I love it."

Here's the clip:

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When the bass drops [GIF]

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