The original Star Trek crew visits Earth during COVID-19

"He's dead, Jim."

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Every item scanned as "Mr Potato Head" in glitch at department stores

Yesterday, five large department stores in the towns of Lindsay and Whitby, Ontario, Canada had to temporarily stop ringing up customers because every item scanned at the register showed up as Mr. Potato Head.

"A point of sale downloading error caused item names to appear incorrectly," said Cathy Kurzbock, manager of external communications for department store chain Canadian Tire. "It has since been corrected and the stores are operating normally."

Apparently, they don't suspect this was a prank but, well, I wouldn't be so sure.

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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones recut as a buddy cop film

From Imperator Cuts, The Nice Guys meets Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. No surprise, but I bet I'd prefer this to the original. Read the rest

Chicken enjoys riding bicycle with human

This unusual chicken enjoys joining their human for a relaxing bike ride. Read the rest

Watch this ridiculous and wonderful low-budget remake of Alien, by the Cardboard Movie Co.

It's been five years since the recycling auteurs at Cardboard Movie Co. released "Jurassic Park: Low-budget Remake." Now they are back with the xenomorphtastic "Alien: Low-budget Remake."

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Russian cake shop builds life-sized Putin cake bust for Russia Day with 'mystery filling'

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Stormtroopers wearing upside down helmets look silly and happy

Stormtroopers wearing upside down helmets are far less intimidating.

Search Google for many more memetastic upside down Stormtrooper helmet gags. (And yes, I realize that the cap of the helmet is still right-side up.) These happy Stormtroopers would make great bad guys in the "Star Wars But With Tiny Lightsabers" feature film.

(Thanks, Lux Sparks-Pescovitz!)

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Grandpa gets a little too carried away with the VR headset

Man, 81, goes on rampage with HTC Vive VR headset

Watch this baby laugh while eating an ice cream cone for the first time

Pure happiness. Read the rest

Smashed window in Memphis brilliantly labeled as artwork

"Lost a window to the riot, didn't lose an opportunity," writes Memphis resident Tagawat on r/Memphis.

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"In lieu of flowers, please pay someone's open bar tab"

"In lieu of flowers, please pay someone's open bar tab." That's the request to those mourning the loss of one Randall Jacobs of Phoenix, Arizona, who died at age 65. According to his obituary, RJ, aka Uncle Bunky, "told his last joke, which cannot be printed here, on May 4th, 2020." He sounds like a real character and will be greatly missed by those who knew him. From

When the end drew near, he left us with a final Bunkyism: "I'm ready for the dirt nap, but you can't leave the party if you can't find the door."

He found the door, but the party will never be the same without him.

In lieu of flowers, please pay someone's open bar tab, smoke a bowl, and fearlessly carve out some fresh lines through the trees on the gnarliest side of the mountain.

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MasterClass: Your dad teaches loading the dishwasher

Learn from the world's best.

Written and directed by Kathleen Cameron; starring Jim Cameron; original music by

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And now, a coronavirus message from Soviet Unterzoegersdorf

What do we have here? Why, it's the 73rd Communique of the CPSUZOeD (May 2020), a rare video release from Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, with an important message about the coronavirus pandemic. Read the rest

"Clone Machine" to easily sneak away from a Zoom meeting

This is easily done yourself, but it was smart of Coors Light (and their creative agency) to create a one-click "Clone Machine" that captures and loops 30 seconds of video of you smiling and nodding along as if you're paying attention on a Zoom meeting. Read the rest

Watch this incredible (and disturbing) baby Trump deepfake

As a wise man once said, it's funny cause it's true.

See below for the full clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Automatic swear machine

An ingenious and practical invention shared by IMGURian @GuzziGuy. Read the rest

Exquisite crochet Dalek

IMGURian @zikikki1 does wonderful “nerdy crochet,” and this Doctor Who 'dalek' is a fantastic example of their work. Read the rest

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