Giant sponge-filled syringe for plugging gunshot wounds

XStat's Rapid Hemostasis System is a giant syringe filled with pellet-shaped sterile sponges doped with hemostatic agents for squiring directly into shotgun gunshot wounds. Within 15 seconds, the sponges absorb blood and expand, staunching the wound.

The sponges themselves are standard medical sponges that were coated with a hemostatic agent and then compressed. Once they come in contact with liquid, they rapidly expand and fill a substantially larger volume than their compressed state. Besides helping block blood flow, the sponges also provide a surface on which blood can begin clotting. Because the sponges have to be eventually removed, each has a tiny radiopaque marker so that any remaining in the body can be spotted on X-ray

XStat Rapid Hemostasis System for Gunshot Wounds Works in 15 Seconds [Medgadget]