Whitesboro's racist town logo up for vote

On Monday Whitesboro, NY citizens will head to the polls to determine the fate of their racist town seal. The logo, which used to depict a white man in a coonskin cap throttling a native american about the throat, was modified to place the hands of the cracker on the native's shoulders. Whitesboro's mayor feels this is a symbol of camaraderie.

Notable Replies

  1. Isn't that the crest for Pawnee Indiana?

  2. Yeah, right? Two things--it don't think horrible, racist images should be erased. They are an important part of the WTF were we thinking!? narrative. But this one is sooooo beyond the pale I'd support replacing it with, I dunno, a bald eagle eating the white guys face while wearing a Mickey mouse hat.

    Cause if we are gonna go for stupid, go full stupid.

  3. Sqarr says:

    Can't really get much more whitesplainy than "camaraderie."

  4. Clancy says:

    Nah, it's South Park.

    You don't have to erase it to stop using it to represent yourself, though...

  5. Sqarr says:

    If there's one thing ol'-timey white folk are known for, it's accurately portraying the opinions and experiences of people who weren't white.

    Truly, history tells us this repeatedly.

    It's right there in the history books.

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