• A Trump-endorsed candidate for Michigan legislature believes birth control should be illegal

    With access to abortion about to disappear in places across the nation, next up is access to birth control. Trump-endorsed candidate for representative to the Michigan legislature Jacky Eubanks steps right out and says she thinks people should not be having sex unless it is within "the confines of marriage" and may result in "life."

    Folks should have access to whatever medical care they and their doctors deem necessary. Do what you will within the confines of your own marriage, but do not seek to legislate others.

  • California's aging power infrastructure not suited to all these new EV cars

    California's march towards an EV future is facing a challenge, California's power grid can barely keep the state running during Summer peak months. California will need to teach people when to charge, and invest in huge infrastructure upgrades.


    Globally, the number of electric vehicles is expected to swell from 7 million to 400 million by 2040. The transition to zero-emission cars is estimated to add 2,000 TWh to annual energy demand by 2050 — a 40% increase — according to a study by global advisory group ICF.

    Rajagopal's team of researchers at Stanford developed a model framework to help utility companies around the world calculate charging patterns to better manage electricity demand. In California, it found that peak charging demand would more than double by 2030 if EV owners opted to charge in the evening at home.

    "The use of an electric vehicle is like adding one or two air conditioners to your residence in terms of its energy increase," Mike Jacobs, Senior Energy Analyst at Union of Concerned Scientists, told Yahoo Finance. "So when the local utility engineer looks at this, he thinks of that air conditioning in the afternoon and the electric vehicle coming home at the same time."

  • Elon Musk challenges accuser to describe what she saw

    As TSLA's stock value plummets, Twitter is calling for him to buy the company at the price he agreed to, and accusations of sexual harassment have been dragged into the light, Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk has doubled down and challenges his accuser to describe what she saw! Allegedly, he showed her his penis.


    Musk also has a clever name he'd like you to call this scandal, naturally it is penis related.

  • An optical illusion makes this 3D printed Homer Simpson sponge holder fantastic

    An Etsy seller is offering this fantastic Homer fading into the bush sponge holder, where it appears Homer fades into the sponge. They offer links to the 3D plans they used to put it together.


    This is a 3D printed sponge holder. It has a black raised drain to properly drain the sponge water back into your sink. It can be made with a claw like clasp to hold a suction cup or with no clasp. It was made using PLA plastic which is a non-toxic plastic.

    This store is an exclusive seller of this model in the United States and Canada

    If you're in the UK and would like this item please visit ClemmyCreations at: etsy.com/shop/ClemmyCreations.

    This is a 3D printed model of a 3D model created by 3D artist JAJAUM3D and downloaded from his Cults3D.com profile here, https://cults3d.com/en/users/jajaum3d/creations.

    I find 3D printing tedious bullshit and sold my printer years ago. Its nice to have someone else do the hard work.

  • HS Principal schools Florida Republican over math textbook ban

    Republican congressman Byron Donalds of Florida got a bold lesson about math being math, even if it makes him uncomfortable, at a hearing over Flordia's notorious math textbook ban.

    The one question we've all become familiar with, regarding a racial bias survey, was once again brought up, but this time former HS Principal James Whitfield explained why questions like this are what learning is all about.


    "Do we agree that racial prejudice exists?" said Whitfield, who is also Black. "Is there math in this textbook? Is disseminating a bar graph part of a student learning math? It just so happens, sir — I would dare say they are learning math skills. It just so happens, again, this may be something that certain people view as uncomfortable, but racial prejudice is a real thing, and I dare say our students get that. They understand that."

    "So to say that just because something says something about bias or racial prejudice," Whitfield added, "we can't just remove that because we're trying to talk about something that can make some people feel uncomfortable, and I dare say, if people feel uncomfortable, oftentimes there's a reason for that, and maybe that's what's needed to move forward."

    Image: Screen grab

  • Virginia book-ban enthusiast sues Barnes and Noble for showing books to minors

    Virginia seems to be a book-banning hotbed these days. Apparently just seeing books can make children change their sexual orientation, and some guys in Virginia are hellbent to stop it. Now they are suing Barnes and Noble for having books on their shelves.


    Virginia Beach attorney and State Delegate Tim Anderson, posted on Facebook that he and his client Tommy Altman–a right-wing republican running for Congress in the district housing Virginia Beach–saw the Virginia Beach Circuit Court find "probable cause that the books Gender Queer and A Court of Mist and Fury are obscene to unrestricted viewing by minors."

    Altman has now directed Anderson to pursue litigation against Barnes & Noble for making the material available to minors.

    "My client, Tommy Altman, has now directed my office to seek a restraining order against Barnes and Noble and Virginia Beach Schools to enjoin them from selling or loaning these books to minors without parent consent," reads Anderson's post. No longer is this about the rights of students to access books. It's now about the rights of private businesses to sell books. Anderson suggests this is a new avenue for parents to fight.

    "We are in a major fight. Suits like this can be filed all over Virginia. There are dozens of books. Hundreds of schools," he said.

  • California Condor returns to Northern California skies

    The largest bird in North America, the California Condor, has taken wing over Northern California once again. Absent since the 1890s, endangered due to habitat destruction and pollution, decades of conservation efforts have now seen the giant birds re-introduced to the redwood forests of NorCal.


    "It's really amazing to be the next big step for condors," says Tiana Williams-Clausen, a member of the Yurok Tribe and director of the tribal wildlife department. "To know that we're restoring them to Yurok ancestral territory, and this is restoring an integral and indescribable part of our spiritual and ecological community—it's a really big deal."

    With hardly any hesitation, the first two condors soared out of their release pen in Redwood National Park and into the morning sunlight on May 3. Both birds, officially designated with tag numbers A2 and A3, are young males. In the coming weeks, two more birds, A0, a young female, and A1, another young male, will be released—the first four settlers of a budding population that will grow each year, both on their own and with additional releases.

    All four pioneering birds are juveniles who were raised in breeding centers and have never navigated the world on their own. Biologists prepped the young birds for weeks, watching around the clock as they adjusted to their surroundings, learned to avoid threats like power lines, and established their flock dynamic with the help of an older mentor bird. The staggered releases will draw the free-flying birds back to socialize with the group and help biologists to carefully monitor their behavior.

  • Wichita Police nab "Poopetrator" who defecated in the wig aisle

    Wichita Police took to social media to find a woman who had pooped in two beauty stores, necessitating the destruction of several wigs. Unsurprisingly, their Facebook messages reached the masses, started a shit storm of activity, and helped to quickly identify the "Poopetrator."

    Image capture via Facebook

    It is still unknown why this woman crapped in the wig aisle.


    Police say a "poopetrator" who used a Wichita beauty supply store aisle as her personal toilet last week — not once but twice — will likely face criminal charges for choices that, well, stink. The woman was caught on security surveillance video defecating in the middle of an aisle after walking into the Mid-K Beauty Supply at 2251 E. 21st St. on May 10, the department said Tuesday in a Facebook post that not only called for public tips to identify her but also poked fun at the offensive — and smelly — incident. The woman continued her "fecal assault" at another Mid-K Beauty Supply branch the same week, a Wichita police spokesman told The Eagle in an email answering follow-up questions about the case.

  • US Soccer adopts equal pay

    The US Soccer Foundation has agreed to equal pay between the US Men's and Women's teams, ending a long dispute and signaling to FIFA that the times are changing. It has been a long time since I was even aware the US had a men's soccer team, but the women have been stellar and it is time they are treated fairly.


    As part of the agreement, US Soccer will share a portion of its "broadcast, partner and sponsorship revenue with a 50/50 split of that share divided equally between USWNT and USMNT."
    "They said equal pay for men and women was not possible, but that did not stop us and we went ahead and achieved it," said Walker Zimmerman, member of the USNSTPA leadership group.
    "We hope this will awaken others to the need for this type of change, and will inspire FIFA and others around the world to move in the same direction," added Zimmerman.
    The deal also encompasses other areas such child care, parental leave, short-term disability, mental health impairment, travel and equal quality of venues and field playing surfaces.

  • Travel back to the 80s with this Ford LTD Country Squire

    The fake wood paneling and beige paint signaled time to go after many an AYSO soccer practice or Troop 2 Boy Scout meeting. I think no less than 3 of my friend's parents drove a County Squire.

    I knew The Ford Country Squire to be boring, and adequate for getting a bunch of kids to a bunch of activities — I didn't realize they came with a V8, or that awesome burgundy vinyl interior. Pretty swank.

    Image: Bring A Trailer

    Bring A Trailer:

    This 1981 Ford LTD Country Squire wagon is finished in beige over burgundy and powered by a 5.0-liter V8 paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. Features include simulated woodgrain exterior trim, a chrome roof rack, air conditioning, cruise control, power steering, a power-adjustable driver's seat, a digital clock, power windows, power front disc brakes, and a push-button AM/FM radio. The car spent time in several states before being acquired by the current owner in 2019. Subsequent service has consisted of replacing the front and rear shock absorbers and an engine tune-up. This Country Squire is offered at no reserve with a clean Carfax report and Utah title in the name of the seller's trust.

  • More roadkill along the blockchain highway: Miami Mayor's 'MiamiCoin' a disaster

    The Mayor of the City of Miami stormed forward with moving his city's finances into the scam-ridden blockchain. Since the Mayor's endorsement, this 'CityCoin' has lost 95% of its value.

    Bienvenidos a Miami!


    But only Miami's mayor has thrown his full endorsement behind a CityCoin-branded cryptocurrency so far. After promoting MiamiCoin to residents and investors since its launch in August, the city of Miami received millions of dollars through its agreement with CityCoins.

    Over the last nine months, however, MiamiCoin has lost nearly all of its value, falling about 95% from its September peak to just $0.0032 as of May 13. Its rapid descent has burned investors on the way down, muting the dreams of Miami's city leaders, and possibly raising red flags for regulators now investigating cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Bravado and a lack of business acumen leave Musk facing a $1B penalty for his Twitter fiasco

    Having waived the right to due diligence in his initial offer, Elon Musk now faces the stark reality of having found out that his fucking around was a bad idea. Musk is throwing around the weakest of excuses, bot counting, in an attempt to also walk away from the $1B breakup fee he agreed to.


    Elon Musk, current Tesla CEO and perhaps not Twitter's future owner, has a message for the social media network he once coveted but now comments on with a poop emoji: Prove to me that spam bots and fake accounts are less than 5% of Twitter users or watch me blow this whole deal up.

    "Yesterday, Twitter's CEO publicly refused to show proof of <5%. This deal cannot move forward until he does," Musk tweeted early Tuesday morning. The day prior, the richest man in the world had sparred with Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, tweeting the poop emoji at the executive's explanation of the prevalence of automated accounts on the social network.

    Musk has said that advertising won't be his path forward, so bots shouldn't matter. Having waived the right to due diligence, the count of bots shouldn't matter. Bots is the least important number in Twitters SEC filings to point at as inaccurate, as they disclose it as inaccurate.

    The poop emoji he responded to Twitter's CEO with demonstrates his deep understanding of his situation. Having derailed Twitter's business with about as much planning as my last trip to McDonald's, Musk has done a lot of damage.

    GO Banking:

    Uncertainty over the deal has led some to speculate that Musk either wants to back out of the deal or renegotiate the price. But backing out isn't so simple because he might face a breach-of-contract lawsuit from Twitter that could cost him billions of dollars, CNBC reported.

    Musk and Twitter reportedly agreed to a $1 billion "reverse termination fee" when they reached their deal, but that doesn't mean Musk can just pay the fee and walk away. As CNBC noted, a reverse breakup fee typically applies when a deal can't close for some outside reason, such as a regulatory intermediation or third-party financing problems. Buyers can also walk away from deals if fraud is exposed, assuming it has a material adverse effect.

    However, the reverse termination fee wouldn't apply simply because Musk thinks he offered too much money for Twitter. Walking away for that reason means Musk would not only have to pay the $1 billion fee, but also risk being sued for billions of dollars in damages.

    Elon Musk appears a very wealthy child who wants us all to hear what he has to say.

  • Perhaps the most FOX News interview on Critical Race Theory ever

    The interviewer and interviewee are nearly incomprehensible, but this mother purportedly suing a school district over CRT alternately looks like a deer in headlights, and a murderous jackal about to eat your not yet a corpse. These folks jabber at one another and fling buzzwords around, but nothing seems to get said except her son doesn't like doing chores.

    "Critical um program"

    This mother appears upset that her 8th-grade child is learning about the world and can understand some of what is happening around him. This seems like he is getting an education, so hey let us stop that quick.

    Image: screen grab

  • Failing to learn science may cost 4 Airforce Academy cadets their degrees, tuition, and career

    Usually, you go to the Airforce Academy to serve your country, these morons are failing out at the last minute for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, thus blowing up what they'd intended to be their life work.

    AP News:

    Four cadets at the Air Force Academy may not graduate or be commissioned as military officers this month because they have refused the COVID-19 vaccine, and they may be required to pay back thousands of dollars in tuition costs, according to Air Force officials.

    It's the only military academy, so far, where cadets may face such penalties. The Army and Navy said that as of now, not one of their seniors is being prevented from graduating at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, or the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, due to vaccine refusals. The graduations are in about two weeks.

  • "A huge amount more uncertainty" in the Millenium Tower fix

    Shockingly, San Francisco's leaning Millenium Tower may not right itself, as fan-favorite building engineer Ron Hamburger has repeatedly insisted. It seems a forgotten wall might prop up the building where they actually do want it to settle, as opposed to the opposite side of the building that they'd like to stop sinking.

    What evil lurks, right? Not even Ron Hamburger knows.

    Image: Screen grab