• Man trying to remove rattlesnake with bbq tongs is predictably bitten

    In Corona, California a local man spied a rattlesnake and could not wait for animal control to handle it. In attempting to move the snake with a pair of bbq tongs, he was bitten.


    The man spotted the snake Saturday evening near his home in the Sycamore Creek community of Corona and was worried about it coming into contact with children, according to a statement from Riverside County Animal Services.

    When he tried to remove the rattler using the tongs, the snake struck and bit him on the hand, Animal Services spokesman John Welsh said. The man, who was not identified, was treated at a hospital and later released.

    "He told me that he was feeling remarkably well," Welsh said Tuesday. "He said he definitely felt that he had dodged a bullet."

    Rattlesnake bites are painful and in rare cases can be fatal.

    Here comes the kicker:

    After the man was taken away by ambulance, a crowd gathered as Animal Services Officer Mike McGee removed the snake.

    I run from snakes.

  • Cookin' with gadgets: Instant Pot corned beef on bread machine rye

    Saturday I woke up and went automagic. I made rye bread in my bread machine and corned beef in the Instant Pot.

    I had a market bought pre-packaged and uncooked corned beef sitting in my fridge since Saint Patrick's Day. It was going to be a warm day and I didn't want to use the use the oven or stove, and was super tempted by the instant pot experiment.

    I have been making this rye bread in the machine for years, it is easy and delicious.

    Bread Machine Rye:

    • 2 ½ cups bread flour
    • 1 ½ cups Bob's Redmill Dark Rye flour
    • 3 Tbs brown sugar
    • 2 Tbs salt
    • 2 tsp commercial dry bread yeast of choice
    • 1 ¾ cups warm water

    I have a Panasonic bread machine that is 10 or so years old. It is wonderful. I load all the dry stuff in first, pour the water over the top and put yeast in the 'yeast dispenser.' I select 'Multi-Grain' and depending on whom I am serving it to, I vary the crust 'darkness.' This week my father was eating and he does not like crusty bread, so I went light.

    The cycle on my machine takes about 4 hours and has always produced delicious bread. I do not add carroway seeds as most folks seem to enjoy the bread more without.

    I put the corned beef in my instant pot with 1 bottle of beer. I set it for 70 minutes and let it release steam for 15.

    I made some carrots and cabbage in the pot after with a 3 min cook and instant release of pressure as well. Cause I had them in the fridge.

  • BBQ YouTuber gleefully microwaves a 12lb brisket

    I love Guga foods. This guy is happy and enjoys himself and is a pleasure to watch.

    I will not be microwaving a brisket, but I wonder if he could have gotten it more tender by cooking it another 3-5minutes and hitting 195F.

    The brisket looks amazingly good for the microwave. My last brisket took 14hrs.

  • The shameful attempt to appoint a COVID-denying TV doctor to Los Angeles' Homeless board

    In some sort of uneducated celebrity-pandering move, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger nominated a reality TV and talk radio host who recently roiled twitter by declaring COVID a hoax to the LA Homeless Services Authority board of directors.

    Apparently, the Supervisor felt his controversial public statements about homelessness were a qualification. Dr. Drew Pinsky is known for believing housing is not a primary part of solving homelessness, however, addiction services like his Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew are.

    Everyone from individuals to the National Coalition of Housing Justice spoke up in outrage.

    The nomination was withdrawn.

    LA Times:

    The appointment not only drew ire from local advocates but also prompted strong criticism from the National Coalition for Housing Justice, which published a letter signed by a some of the largest homelessness and housing advocacy groups in the country.

    The coalition said it didn't typically weigh in on local issues but that the efforts to combat homelessness in L.A. County were too important not to weigh in.

    "Appointing a celebrity who is unqualified and misinformed to a position that makes critical decisions on homelessness policy and program design is both dangerous and alarming," the leaders wrote.

    The letter pointed to statements Pinsky had made regarding housing, arguing that it is a "hoax" that the housing crisis is what is driving homelessness, and opinions he has expressed supporting the threat of jail to force someone into shelter.

    Beyond his statements about homelessness, "Dr. Pinsky has promoted anti-immigrant rhetoric, claiming 'a large immigrant population coming in carrying parasites and tuberculosis' has contributed to public health challenges in homeless encampments," the leaders said in their letter.

  • SURPRISE: Jaleel White to sell a Purple Urkel cannabis strain

    When you are behind the formerly orange John Boehner in fronting a cannabis line you may need some pretty awesome marketing.

    Enter the Urkle.


    White, known for playing Steve Urkel on the 1990s sitcom "Family Matters," is partnering with 710 Labs on his new line, itsPurpl. It's set to launch in California on April 20, or 4/20, and includes variants of the strain Purple Urkle.
    White said the project comes after 20 years of hearing about his fictional TV character displayed on cannabis products. He wrote on the new brand's website that he met his eventual business partner on a flight to Oakland in 2018.
    "Anyone who knows me personally as Jaleel White, knows I am an ardent seeker of curated adventures, big laughs, and excellent food," White wrote. "All three of these interests are enormously enhanced by top shelf cannabis."

    I know you thought this must have happened years ago.

  • Are startup unicorns modeled on GI Joe's Cobra?

    A fairly decent argument is made in this video that Cobra looks more like Amazon, or any tech unicorn seems pretty accurate. Free snacks, entitled employees, and an awesome cafeteria go with Elon and Cobra Commander's plans for world domination or an HOA on Mars.

    Bet they all got a messenger bag too!

    I always found the healthcare continuation program COBRA to be a dastardly coincidence.

  • The rise and fall of McDonaldland

    Twenty five minutes of history regarding McDonaldland you say? HELL YES. The folks at Yesterworld did a great job.

    I had no idea about the lawsuits wherein Sid and Marty Krofft sued McDonald's for ripping off the amazing HR Pufnstuf.

    I loved the Krofft Superstars and the supershow!

    Anyways, McDonald's straight up ripped the Krofft's off and got sued a few times. That and massive bungling ended McDonaldland.

  • Old man vengefully litters for 3 years

    From age 73 to age 76 Mr. Larry Pope clandestinely tossed coffee cups in the yard of a woman he held a grudge against.


    Edward and Cheryl Patton told The Buffalo News they tried mounting a camera in a tree in front of their home in Lake View to catch the phantom litterer. But it wasn't until some neighbors got involved recently and followed a minivan and jotted down its license plate number that there was a break in the case.

    After Edward Patton called police, they waited and pulled over a vehicle driven by 76-year-old Larry Pope, who Cheryl Patton said had once worked with her and had had disagreements with her over union issues.

    Pope was charged with harassment and ticketed for throwing refuse onto a roadway.

  • MTV is now airing cooking shows

    **Warning — if you start watching the first 2 hour broadcast of MTV below, you may end up unable to stop. It is excellent!

    Oh, MTV! Tiffani Thiessen yelling "Welcome to Deliciousness!" leaves me wondering WTF?

    I have such incredible memories of the MTV of my youth. I am sure there is a long history video hidden on YouTube someplace to explain what the hell happened…

    Shit is unrecognizable! The fact we are being subject to a second season of this Deliciousness before ever knowing there was a first helps demonstrate the massive loss of relevance MTV has suffered.

    Introducing 'The Real World' ended this reality's chances.

    When MTV was not doing music, the comedy was fantastic too.

  • I am unsure how I have lived without this bread slicing tray

    I just want someone to look upon me as adoringly as that woman falling for the bread slices.

    Anyways, this bread tray is not the one that woman is gooey for, but it suits my needs better.

    Things I like about the one with the lone slicer are:

    1. It stores away small
    2. Not made of plastic, even tho there are cheaper plastic variants
    3. Bread slices are fairly uniform and not a mashed mess (my usual style!)
    4. Crumbs are managed
    5. Slightly cheaper than the one with the starry eye'd damsel, as it fails to include an unwanted knife (in my case.)

    I have my own bread and butter knives, but extras are always good.

    Amyhome Bamboo Bread Slicer,Bread Slicers for Homemake Bread,Adjustable Bread Slicing Guide,Portable Foldable Bread Toast Slicer with Crumb Tray for Bread/Cake/Bagel via Amazon

  • Placerville residents call for the hangman's noose

    Recently Placerville, CA's city council voted to remove the hangman's noose from their town logo. Several dozen residents are protesting and demand the city honor this treasured bit of heritage.


    "The history of our town isn't based off of Black people. It was based off of three white people who were hung because of their crimes," said DJ Kraus of Paloma. "It has nothing to do with any of this stuff that's going on with these times right now, so I definitely don't agree with this decision."

    On the other hand, some residents feel the image is outdated and stirs up negative feelings that shouldn't be associated with their city.

    "They seem to think that it's going to rob us of our history," Placerville's Dakota Keeton said about the protesters' position on the matter.

    "Currently in the United States, this does not show a good side of our town," Keeton said. "This is not something we want to represent. The people behind me don't understand, they don't want to represent the hangman's noose."

  • When you can smoke the pork shoulder while you sleep, it will be time to leave

    Having achieved pretty good control of my kamado-style cooker, I set some alarms on this thermometer and went to sleep.

    Nothing went wrong. I am finally getting this down.

    I seasoned the 6lb bone-in shoulder Monday, loaded the grill with coals on Wednesday afternoon. I lit the grill at around 8:30pm and had temperatures stable and happy by 9:20pm.

    With my water pan in place, I put the chonk of meat on the grill, inserted a thermometer, and closed her up. I asked the thermometer to wake up when the meat hit 165F or the grill got too hot, or too cold. I was awoken around 6 am Thursday morning when the meat hit 165F. The grill sailed along at 219F the whole time.

    By 7am, the pork was at 170F but the temps inside the grill were now dropping, as I had gone a bit light on fuel. I wrapped the pork in foil and put it in the oven at 325F.

    About 2 hours later it was testing 200F everywhere I poked, so and left it to rest. After shredding the pork, I just crisped it up a bit in the oven and made carnitas tacos.