• Texas Lt. Gov's $1MM bounty pays off by catching a Republican who voted twice

    Lt. Governor Dan Patrick put up $1,000,000 of his campaign donor's money to catch voter fraud in Texas. It took a while but they finally caught someone, a Republican, of course.


    Shortly after the 2020 election, Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick offered up to $1 million in reward money, to be paid out of his own campaign coffers, to "incentivize, encourage and reward people to come forward and report voter fraud." And now the first person to claim that reward is Eric Frank, a progressive poll worker in Pennsylvania who reported a Republican for voting twice.

    Patrick's campaign paid Frank $25,000 for his tip leading to the conviction of Ralph Thurman, a 72-year-old Republican who voted twice. Thurman, whose lawyers initially claimed he'd been tricked by poll workers into voting a second time, later admitted he had illegally voted a second time using his son's name.

    Thurman was sentenced to three years of probation and is banned from voting for four years.

  • If you have Air Pods or Air Pods Pro get these Comply foam tips

    These Complyfoam tips made my already excellent AirPods Pro even better.

    I am a fan of AirPods Pro Bluetooth earbuds. They are comfortable, fit well, and the ambient/conversation/isolation modes are fantastic. The included tips are ok, and I got by using one small and one medium, however, these COMPLY foam tips take them to another level.

    I have found COMPLY foam tips to always be more comfortable, and sound better. I had not felt there was much danger of an earbud falling out during my relatively sedate dog walking, or when I wander the house having 'phone conversations,' but the foam tips make the fit even snugger.

    I bought the multisized pack as I typically need different-sized tips for different sides of my head. I am not symmetrical at all. The SoftConnect ones are for AirPods (non-pro.)

    I am always happier with COMPLY foam times on my earbuds.

    COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips for Comfortable, Noise-Canceling Earphones That Click On, and Stay Put (Assorted Sizes S/M/L, 3 Pairs) via Amazon

    Comply SoftCONNECT Soft Foam Replacement Earphone Tips for Apple AirPods (Gen. 1 & 2), Apple Earpods, and Comparable Headphones via Amazon

  • Florida woman wildly fires gun in the general direction of dognappers

    Dognappers are evil, however, I doubt that this woman was really serving any good purpose by wildly spraying bullets all over what appears to be a residential neighborhood.

    Two of the three dognappers have been apprehended, however, the puppies are still missing.

    Local 10:

    Two arrests have been made, following a dramatic shootout over a dognapping in West Park. A woman selling exotic dogs says she was afraid for her and her girlfriend's life and was forced to shoot at the suspects, after they shot at her.

    Broward Sheriff's Deputies have arrested two of the three suspects and say they are just 16-years-old.

    Video of the encounter that took place on Monday night, obtained exclusively by Local 10 News, shows the three attempted dog robbers exchanging gunfire with that woman in front of her home.

    A bullet narrowly missed her head and she ducked behind her car for cover.

    "I would have done anything to protect my girlfriend and my home, and my biggest goal was to make sure she was OK and we live to see tomorrow," she said.

  • Museums turn to OnlyFans to get around FB's 'decency' filters

    The NYT reports that the Vienna Tourist Board has opened an OnlyFans account to share images of some artwork for various local museums that Facebook/Instagram algorithms block as indecent.


    OnlyFans has a surprising new member: the Vienna Tourist Board.

    No, its account will not feature after-hours photos of employees. Instead, the board will use the adults-only site to show images of paintings and sculptures displayed in the Austrian capital that have been blocked by social media sites for nudity or sexual content.

    The offending artworks include the Venus of Willendorf, a 25,000-year-old limestone figurine of a woman. Facebook removed a photo of it from the Vienna Museum of Natural History's page several years ago for being "pornographic."

    There's also "Liebespaar," Koloman Moser's early 20th-century painting, which the Leopold Museum included in a video post celebrating its anniversary in September. The video, which was blocked by the algorithms of Instagram and Facebook, "is a combination of details of the work and written feelings that are evoked by the painting," said Christine Kociu, the museum's social media manager. "It shows a nude couple embracing. It's actually sweet."

  • John McCain's daughter was the reason 'The View' was toxic

    TMZ reports that folks from ABC have informed them US Senator John McCain's daughter was the reason for the toxicity that she has recently complained of in an audiobook that she is selling.


    Our sources tell us Meghan was essentially forced out of her role after an internal investigation into the environment she describes — which we're told was, in fact, real … but mostly due to Meghan's behavior on and off camera, not her coworkers' — other way around.

    Our sources say new ABC chief, Kim Godwin, did a thorough investigation — meeting with key stakeholders of the show, like talent and producers — and in the end, we're told she found Meghan was the source of a lot of the in-fighting that ultimately played out on the show … something Godwin had to address head-on in an emergency Zoom meeting.

    Those on-camera blow-ups are well-documented, and even though a lot of the hosts are often seen bickering … we're told many at ABC feel Meghan was, more often than not, the instigator of these arguments — or she was the one who kept them going longer.

    We should say, however, there are some execs at ABC who have confided in TMZ, telling us the environment was hostile and the bullying is what led to McCain's exit … so clearly, not all honchos feel the same way.

    As for her departure … our sources didn't have details on the negotiations behind the exit, but we're told the bottom line is it wasn't simply her decision after hitting a breaking point. The network was ready to move on too.

  • This gun-crazy Trump-loving Nevada gubernatorial candidate has one heck of an ad

    Wow. Whoa. Wild. What the hell? Was that supposed to be Budweiser?

    As Candidate Fiore listed off a number of 'things she has been compared to' I'd call her Yosemite Samantha.

  • Toxic Disney fans want to make Disney magic again

    Disney theme park fans are one of the roughest and most toxic groups sharing outrage online I've seen. Fed by similarly angry and entitled bloggers and vloggers, a number of Disneyland fan groups I've joined on Facebook are jam-packed with folks ready to explain exactly how you, Disney, and everyone you ever knew are Disney'ing it wrong!

    These folks constantly decry the loss of "the magic." MDMA, kids. Make Disney Magic Again.

    SF Gate shares a fantastic article on just how outrageous the many facets, from Disney Cruises to the parks, shopping, movies, and animation, all have their own fascinatingly awful cesspools.

    Academics studying the phenomenon can see any number of examples themselves. "On Facebook, I'm in groups for Disney cruises, and it's amazing how somebody will ask the most innocent question and just get destroyed," said Dan Wann, professor of psychology at Murray State University in Kentucky. "I'm like, man, some people don't have near the magic you should probably have." 

    Wann studies the psychology of sports fandom, how groups of people interact over their love of sports and how they react when their team is losing. What he sees is that fandom is a deeply ingrained form of self-identification. "Fans take this stuff personal, right? If you are a diehard Disney fan, or a diehard Giants fan, or a diehard 'Star Wars' fan, or a diehard fill-in-the-blank fan," he said, "it's a part of their identity. It is literally a part of who they are." 

    While all these folks proclaim to love Disney, they seem to spend more time hating on it and each other than enjoying the parks or films.

  • Vicious thieves steal the doormat from California's famed theme-hotel the Madonna Inn

    Some guys decided the logo-emblazoned doormat from the entryway of the restaurant at the amazing Madonna Inn should be theirs.

    SF Gate:

    Most people are drawn to the Madonna for an overnight (its over-the-top rooms start at $219) or a curlicue-crowned slice of Pink Champagne Cake at the Copper Cafe and Bakery. But on Saturday, September 25, as the hotel's ornate Gold Rush Steak House was winding down its dinner service at 10:40 p.m., two men entered the restaurant's lobby, cased its gift shop, and scurried away with a pink-and-brown greeting rug emblazoned with the hotel's distinctive logo. Madonna's general manager, Connie Pearce, posted about the incident on the online forum Nextdoor, along with surveillance video footage and a description of robbers.

    The Madonna Inn is well known for crazily-themed rooms. I once stayed in a buffalo-themed room. I enjoyed it and have stopped at their restaurant a number of times.

    I never thought to take the doormat.

  • Jen Psaki tells Peter Doocy that rich people can be held accountable too

    Jen Psaki did not allow Peter Doocy to spin rich people into unfair victims of tax policy or imply that average folks will have the IRS going through their checking accounts. The tax policy Doocy is on about is closing a loophole for rich people, and holding them accountable for paying their taxes as W-2 wage earners.

  • The LEGO The Avengers 2021 advent calendar is pretty great

    Naturally, LEGO would also partner with Disney for a LEGO The Avengers advent calendar.

    These LEGO advent calendar sets are all pretty wonderful, and I have no idea what the whole advent thing is really about. There is Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man minifigs and a lot more.

    The LEGO Star Wars advent set is also awesome.

    I often enjoy the minimalist design LEGO uses to keep these kits tiny and fitting into the 24 boxes in December theme.

    LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar 76196 Building Kit, an Awesome Gift for Fans of Super Hero Building Toys; New 2021 (298 Pieces) via Amazon

  • The greatest spatula for use with my cast iron skillets

    This All-Clad stainless steel spatula is perfect for use with my favorite cast iron pan. I would be lost without them.

    The thickness of the spatula, and its hardness, are just wonderful. This tool easily slides under anything I may be frying and can be used to scrape light scorches off the pan.

    They last forever. I keep two around as sometimes one is in the dishwasher.

    All-Clad Kitchen Tool, 1-Pack, stainless steel spatula via Amazon

  • Fake Apple event stream on YouTube actually a crypto scam

    I wish someone would find a use for crypto other than scams already.

    9to5 Mac:

    The YouTube stream has somehow drawn up to 30,000 concurrent viewers. It helps that the YouTube search algorithm is heavily promoting it, thanks to a title that includes the words 'REDESIGNED MacBook Pro, NEW AIRPODS, PRO Mac mini' keyword spam.

    The profile of the YouTube account is also a crude attempt at copying Apple's official presence.

    The scam is rather simple in that it promises if you donate an amount of Bitcoin to a wallet, they will 'AirDrop' you Ethereum in return. Of course, don't do this as they will just keep the money.

  • GQP Rep. Madison Cawthorn asks mothers to please let their sons grow up to be monsters

    In a fit of raving about testosterone, Congressperson Cawthorn pleads with conservative mothers to encourage their sons to be awful, reprehensible human beings.

    I am not sure I would have hung around for his reasons men are low on hormones, but I bet they are wacky.

  • A "visionary act of generosity" creates UCLA's new Barbra Streisand Institute

    Featuring a Center for Truth in the Public Sphere amongst many others, UCLA's Chancellor is really grateful for Barbra Streisand's new donation.

    The press release is an odd choice when they could just have Barbra sue them to get the word out.

    My LA News:

    "Building upon her decades of work as an artist and activist, Barbra Streisand's visionary act of generosity will enable UCLA scholars from many different fields to collaborate on research that will move society forward," UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said in a release.

    "The future Barbra Streisand Institute will bring to bear the full range of UCLA's social sciences expertise on the most pressing societal issues of the day, guiding policy and informing solutions to benefit all," Darnell Hunt, dean of social sciences in the UCLA College, said in a release.

    The Center for Truth in the Public Sphere will be the first area of study in the institute. It is an area Streisand is especially passionate about.

    "While it's easy to reflect on the past, I can't stop thinking about the future and what it holds for our children, our planet and our society. The Barbra Streisand Institute at UCLA will be an exploration into vital issues that affect us all … and the fact that my father, Emanuel Streisand, was an educator makes this Institute even more meaningful to me," Streisand said in a release.