• This is one cool '77 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

    Smooth and slow with a giant truck spacious enough for three bodies! I still love those flip-up headlights, but I lack the imagination to own this 1977 Lincoln.

    Bring A Trailer:

    This 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe was originally delivered to Dave Pyles Lincoln of Alexandria, Virginia and was acquired around 2001 by the current owner's late husband. The car is finished in Medium Ember over tan leather, and power is provided by a 460ci V8 paired with a three-speed automatic transmission. Equipment includes a vinyl roof, automatic climate control, power-adjustable front seats, and a factory AM/FM radio. An oil change was performed and the fuel filter was replaced in October 2020. This Continental Town Coupe is now offered at no reserve by the seller on behalf of its current owner with a window sticker, a warranty identification card, and a clean Georgia title.

    That trunk competes with todays fairly common 5.5' truck beds!

  • Binge-watch 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet'

    'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet' is what I want from our era of rapidly produced straight-to-streaming comedies that generally fall flat. A fantastic cast takes a fun premise and has a great time making wacky entertainment.

    Gaming is an industry bigger than Hollywood and the personalities behind it are just as toxic, stupid, and prime to make fun of. Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet does just that, with flying colors. I watched it all in one long night sometime between Christmas and New Years'.

    Rob McElhenney, Danny Pudi, and Charlotte Nicdao head up a team of super videogame developers battling egos and embracing eccentricities while nearly destroying the business every episode.

    MQ:RB is available on Apple Tv, I was offered so much free Apple TV I don't know how you might find it otherwise.

  • I chose the Kurgo Impact safety harness for in-car canine travel

    I used to drive around with my dogs loose in the back of my Vanagon. I then watched a few doggie crash test videos. Horrified, I did a bunch of research.

    I settled on the Kurgo Impact safety harnesses. As a pet owner who regularly drives with his dogs in the car, the videos are very rough to watch.

    There are several other safety harnesses that I believe are as likely to help my dog in a crash. There are also a lot of safety harnesses that will not do ANYTHING for your dog and may make an incident far, far worse. I picked the Kurgo.

    The Kurgo safety harness is crash-tested. In-person it is really solidly built and inspires confidence in an 'this is way more tough than the other one' way. The rubberized form-fitting pads are mated to the webbing in a way that it feels pretty bomb-proof.

    Bomb-proof is what you need too. I do not recommend watching simulated dog car safety crash tests if you regularly drive with your pooch and aren't ready to own a hefty priced harness.

    This video has a short clip of a crash test near the end and is not as gut wrenching as many others. The failure videos are awful.

    I chose the Impact car-only harnesses that are tested up to 130lbs. It is easy enough to swap my pups from the Kurgo into the Easy Walk harnesses they normally wear for street walkin'.

    For short rides, these harnesses are a pain in the ass, but they provide me enough peace of mind to drive the car at normal adult operating speeds on the few longer road trips I take.

    Kurgo Car Safety Dog Harness | Crash Tested Harness for Dogs | Impact Harness via Amazon

  • The Kool-Aid Man magically cheers me up

    Think of how much easier childhood would have been if we truly could just unleash a vengeful, animated pitcher of sugar water on our problems.

    In other beverage-related musings: I just learned that MD 20/20 is not Mad Dog and never was. I imagined a rebranding at some point. It has always been Mogen David, with the 20/20 representing a suggested serving of 20oz of their 20 proof beverage (that is apparently not available at this time, yet the 20/20 lives on.)

  • Deep analysis of the new Indiana Jones video game's trailer

    The folks at IGN share a near pixel-by-pixel analysis of the trailer for a soon to be released video game featuring Indy.

    They look at everything on the screen and try to tell us what is coming in the video game.

    The music alone guarantees I will play the game.


    The books note that Indy is also studying Ancient Circles and Forbidden Stones. The tagline on the Forbidden Stones book reads "A treatise on corrupted jewels and the essence of ancient curses," which provides some further detail on what Indy might be looking for in Mesopotamia.

    Then in the bottom left corner, we can see a tiny note written by Indy, which says "Pyramids Giza Necropolis," referring to the Giza complex of pyramids in Cairo, the last remaining ancient wonder of the world. The yellow pages north of this note offer a sketch of the Peruvian "Forbidden Idol" retrieved in Raiders and a drawing of a Ziggurat, a common structure found in ancient Mesopotamia. Indy has written "Ziggurat Clue?" nearby, so he's definitely studying it. Whether he will visit any of these places in the game is still up in the air, but it's good food for thought regardless.

  • Favorite movie scenes: In 'Casablanca' Rick treats Ugarte like dirt

    I have always loved this scene in Casablanca, although I prefer a single breasted white shawl collar dinner jacket to the double.

    Rick treats Ugarte like dirt, yet is 'the guy' Ugarte trusts with the keystone to his whole transformative life-plan? In a classic "get the Macguffin to the protagonist" moment, Casablanca shows us how cold and hard Rick is, setting up his own change from an unfeeling jerk with only one true friend to a sentimental sop with two friends.

    Always enjoy this scene too.

  • Statue of Robert E. Lee removed from US Capitol building

    Virginia's 111-year tribute-on-the-national-stage to renowned traitor Robert E. Lee has ended.


    Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said in a statement that workers removed the statue from the National Statuary Hall Collection early Monday morning.

    Northam had requested the removal and a state commission decided that Lee was not a fitting symbol for the state.

    Lee's statue had stood with George Washington's statue since 1909 as Virginia's representatives in the Capitol. Every state gets two statues.

    The state commission has recommended replacing Lee's statue with a statue of Barbara Johns. She protested conditions at her all-Black high school in the town of Farmville in 1951. Her court case became part of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. The ruling had struck down racial segregation in public schools.

  • I'm back to playing Bobby Cobb's "Penny Can"

    The greatest Made-for-TV game of all time, Penny Can, is pretty much all I have going this pandemic holiday season.

    Penny Can was invented for the tv sitcom Cougar Town, and is perhaps the most (only) enduring artifact of the show.

    On the face of it Penny can is simple: find a coffee can and throw pennies at it. When one goes in you exclaim "Penny Can!" There are an awful lot of rules, however, that add a lot to the experience.

    Also, I only play Bobby Cobb's Penny Can, the Lou Diamond Phillips version lacks joy.

  • Cleveland baseball team no longer to be called 'Indians'

    The name "Indians" for Cleveland's baseball team joins former mascot "Chief Wahoo" in the 'retired' category.


    The Cleveland Indians plan to drop the nickname they have used for more than a century, becoming the latest professional sports franchise to shed its Native American imagery amid accusations that its use is racist, two sources familiar with the decision confirmed to ESPN.

    The organization is expected to announce the change this week, sources said, continuing a years-long process in which it abandoned its Chief Wahoo logo and committed to exploring a new nickname, as well.