Knitted anatomical dissections: readymade or DIY

We've featured the lovely knitted dissections of Aknitomy before (previously), but its proprietor, Emily Stoneking, keeps on turning out whimisico-scientific knitted fancies that please the eye and tickle the mind. It's not just her classic knitted dissections of frogs, fetal pigs, bats, worms (surprisingly affordable!), and even Easter bunnies -- she's also selling all her patterns, and even kits! Read the rest

Knitted brain

If you can't have a brain in a jar, the next best thing may be a knitted brain in a frame. The beauty above is handmade by Emily of aKNITomy and available for sale at the Boing Boing Bazaar in the Makers Market. From the product page:
These brains are hand knit in a wonderful 100% Peruvian wool, and then stitched into place atop a pad of felted wool roving (this gives them a 3D quality). The brain is sewn into place on top of a lovely hand knit background made from merino wool and kid mohair. Gorgeous. The piece is framed in a dark stained wood frame that measures 5″ × 7″
Knitted Brain Read the rest
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