Graphic novel about the series of events that led to India's communist uprising

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I began reading Amar Bari, Tomar Bari, Naxalbari whilst waiting for my connecting flight at Bengaluru airport and was inclined to continue reading it as turbulence took over the plane at 27,000 feet an hour later. For that was the power it held over me. Amar Bari, Tomar Bari, Naxalbari reads like a history lesson but with the many facts and stories that our teachers forget to tell us. Written and drawn by Sumit Kumar, the graphic novel is a story of how a series of events led to India’s communist uprising and how the term ‘Naxal’ originated. Having grown up on the evergreen Tinkle magazine and the historic Amar Chitra Katha series, I feel Sumit Kumar’s latest work is worthy of a mighty applaud and will go a long way in bringing back the appeal of comics (mainly satirical comics) to India. – Ushnav Shroff

Amar Bari, Tomar Bari, Naxalbari by Sumit Kumar Horizon Books 2015, 160 pages, 6 x 9 x .23 inches (paperback) Approx $6 Buy a copy on Amazon Read the rest

Stationary bike weight-loss success story

This is the wacky story of how I biked across the country on my exercise bike and lost a lot of extra pounds in the process.

HOWTO lay a wood floor on top of the carpet in your rental apartment

Sumitsumit sez, "Tired of carpet, want wood floors, but living in a rental apartment? If you have the low-pile variety, here's an economical way to make yourself a great new floor without damaging the underlying carpet. From the guy who brought you 'rope bondage for laptops.'"

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HOWTO put a laptop in rope-bondage for a bag-less messenger bag

Here's a quick video showing how to tie up your laptop (or other boxlike object) such that you can wear it like a messenger bag; it'd be cool to be the guy at the meeting who shows up at a meeting with a coil of rope around his shoulder so that you can go hands-free when it's over.

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Rudy Rucker remembers Benoit Mandelbrot

Eileen Gunn sez, "The incomparable Rudy Rucker describes his visit to one of the greatest mathematicians of our time. Surreal, philosophic, mathematical."
Mandelbrot is waiting for me at the end of his driveway, he's worried I might not find the house as the address on the curb is covered by snow. A white-haired balding man, stocky, somewhat diffident, he sees me, I wave, he doesn't wave back, not sure yet I'm the one he's waiting for, when I'm closer he says "Are you Rudy Rucker?" We introduce ourselves, shake hands, I tell him I'm thrilled to meet him. In the house his wife Adèle greets us, Mandelbrot disappears to take a pee I suppose, then we sit in a cold room with some armchairs. They don't seem to really heat their house. He sits on an odd modern chair with parts of it missing, a collection of black corduroy hotdogs. He wears a jacket, a vest, a shirt, trousers with a paperclip attached to the fly to make it easier to pull up and down, I guess he's 75. Rather rotund and, yes, a bit like the Mandelbrot set in his roundness and with the fuzz of hairs on his pate.

He starts talking almost right away, an incredibly dense and rich flow of information, a torrent. Fractal of course, as human conversation usually is, but of a higher than usual dimension. It's like talking to a superbeing, just as I'd hoped, like being with a Martian, his conversation a wall of sound paisley info structure, the twittering of the Great Scarab.

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NM cops raid Montessori School greenhouse for pot, find tomatoes

New Mexico state cops swooped in for a daring raid on a Montessori School greenhouse, where they were growing tomatoes, not pot.
"We were all as a group eating outside as we usually do, and this unmarked drab-green helicopter kept flying over and dropping lower," she said. "Of course, the kids got all excited. They were telling me that they could see gun barrels outside the helicopter. I was telling them they were exaggerating."

After 15 minutes, Pantano said, the helicopter left, then five minutes later a state police officer parked a van in the school's driveway. Pantano said she asked the officer what was happening, but he only would say he was there as a law-enforcement representative.

Then other vehicles arrived and four men wearing bullet-proof vests, but without any visible insignias or uniforms, got out and said they wanted to inspect the school's greenhouses. Pantano said she then turned the men over to the farm director, Greg Nussbaum.

"As we have nothing to hide, you know, they did the tour and they went in the greenhouses and they found it was tomato plants and so that was the story," she said.

Pot raid at school turns up tomatoes (Thanks, Matt, via Sumitterator!)

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