Nothing can stop your furious computing with this portable folding table

Chiptune musician Danimal Cannon carries this portable folding table on tour for his concert setup. Looks like it'd be perfect for road warriors of all types! Read the rest

Maker of WordPress raises $160m because they can

Raising ten times as much as your whole company's needed in the last decade may be the only way to keep blogging alive.

Dig this awesome Peter Pan pop-up book

Seriously: It's got a full-on pop-up pirate ship.

Craigslister seeks woman to sit in bathtub full of ramen noodles

Brooklyn women who have bathing suits, are down for a 30 minute soak in a tub full of ramen noodles, and are looking to make a quick $175: Look no further.

There's got to be an anime about this already.

Woman to sit in my bath tub full of ramen noodles (brooklyn) Thanks Tessa! Read the rest

Oculus was the future of gaming. Now it’s the future of Facebook.

It would have been DEEPLY satisfying for a beloved Kickstarter to IPO and the best chance we've seen at that just vanished.

Winter Olympics wipeout GIFs

Get some perspective on days of Olympic coverage through GIFs of the wipeouts.

Best-selling Kickstarter Robot Turtles now available on Amazon

Robot Turtles– the board game for little programmers –is the most-sold board game on Kickstarter, and it's still going crazy as it nears 25,000 sales! All the backer copies have been sent out and the last thousand or so copies are available on Amazon, with just enough time to snag one for Christmas. I'm a huge fan of the game: the first backer on Kickstarter and an advisor on the project, grab it while you still can.

Robot Turtles Read the rest

Menorah in Kerbal Space Program

For those unfamiliar, Kerbal Space Program is a realistic spaceship building and flight simulator game based closely on real rocket engines and physics. It's an open-ended game with lots of asteroids and planets to explore, and some people develop a Minecraft-esque obsession to accomplishing wilder and wilder feats. My rockets mostly just make the Hindenberg look like a damp sparkler.

In the spirit of Hanukkah, CupcakesLanders flew to another planet, built a custom menorah out of rocket engines and fuel tanks, then ferried in a collection of Kerbins to watch the lighting ceremony. Now that's some real chutzpah!

KSP Hanukkah Special, Oy Vey! Read the rest

Tonight in SF: 8bitSF presents crashfaster, Trash80 and BitShifter

This evening San Francisco's DNA Lounge is hosting 8bitSF for crashfaster's new album release at 8PM. Chiptune legends Trash80 and BitShifter are flying in for the event, and it's shaping up to be a great show. I'll be performing computer visuals for BitShifter's set with my partner Steve Dekorte as Controlling Transmission. All our visualizations are written in HTML5 and Javascript, and the undocumented source is available on Github if you want a challenge. If you're coming to see the show, bookmark this link on your phone for our set. [Facebook event] Read the rest

32,000 piece Keith Haring jigsaw puzzle for masochists

This puzzle– a whopping seventeen-foot-long, forty-two-pounder that comes with its own hand truck –is clearly meant to be used for some form of existential penance. If you carry deep-seated hatred for yourself or are planning on departing from your sanity, you might take on the "extra challenge" of a puzzle that only has six colors, not counting black and white. And it's only $194.

Keith Haring: Double Retrospect – 32,000 piece puzzle Read the rest

Projection mapped animation on screens held by giant robot arms

This dramatic video from Bot and Dolly shows off their robotic camera systems by projection mapping a 3D animation onto two screens as they're waved around by one and a half ton robotic arms. In July, Boing Boing co-sponsored the Robot Film Festival held in their incredible studios. There I learned that while this film appears to be shot from a hand-held camera, it's probably made with a camera on a robot arm following a recorded path made by motion tracking a hand-held camera to a tenth-of-a-millimeter precision. Bot & Dolly had no comment on whether or not that's the case in this film. Read the rest

Robot Turtles: the board game that teaches preschoolers to program

Robot Turtles is "a board game you play with your favorite 3 to 8-year-old that sneakily teaches programming fundamentals." Created by entrepreneur Dan Shapiro and inspired by classic kids' programming language Logo, the board game lets kids ages 3-8 write programs with colorful playing cards. The game is brilliantly simple: kids play a row of action cards to control their turtle on the board, as moved by the adult game master.

Dan designed the game for his 4-year-old boy/girl twins, because "people who can program are going to be writing the future, and everybody else is going to be reading it." With 10,000 backers, Robot Turtles is nearly the most-backed board game on Kickstarter. It's available until Sept 27 for $29 and is scheduled to ship in time for Christmas.

Dan's a good friend of mine (I'm Robot Turtles' first backer), and we spent months discussing the strategy behind both Robot Turtles and my recent Kickstarter. If you're interested in some of the lessons Dan and I learned, he's got a great post up on the subject. Read the rest

Unseen World War I photos: Destroyed Cathedrals

The following photos were taken from 1914-1918 by my great-grandfather Lt. Walter Koessler during his time as a German officer in the first World War. They're part of a collection of over a thousand photos, stereographs and their negatives that my family has been saving for a century. This is an unusually large and complete collection, and I've taken on the task of preserving it and printing it so other people can experience this history too.

Unseen World War I photos: German Trenches

The following photos were taken from 1914-1918 by my great-grandfather Lt. Walter Koessler during his time as a German officer in the first World War. They're part of a collection of over a thousand photos, stereographs and their negatives that my family has been saving for a century. This is an unusually large and complete collection, and I've taken on the task of preserving it and sharing it with you as I believe it deserves.

These photos have never been published before.

Meltwater lake forms at North Pole

Photo credit: NOAA

NOAA's Arctic division maintains a couple of webcams at the North Pole, and one of them is showing a pretty impressive meltwater lake forming around it. Previous years show small ponds forming and refreezing throughout the summer, but this year nearly all the snow in view of the camera has melted into a lake-sized slush.

Check out this time lapse video of the lake forming. Much more photos and videos from this year and previous years at NOAA's website. Read the rest

Ardent Industries to build raining voxel cloud on a forklift

Ardent Industries, the crazy people behind such large art installations as Dance Dance Immolation and SYZYGRYD, are building a giant 3D Mario cloud stuck to the top of a forklift so they can rain on people's parades. Their Kickstarter is fully funded and they're starting production and getting their forklift licenses! Rad!

Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform on Kickstarter Read the rest

Tomorrow: Robot Film Festival in San Francisco, co-sponsored by Boing Boing

Chorebot, one of my favorite RFF submissions

Boing Boing is proud to be a media sponsor of the Robot Film Festival's premier in San Francisco this weekend. Join us tomorrow at Bot & Dolly for a series of three film screenings, live performances, and the Botskers Award Ceremony. It's an all-day event starting at 11:30 with lunch and dinner included, so prepare for a massive overdose of robots!

Today is your last chance to get tickets. Check out the full schedule of events on the Robot Film Festival website. See you there! Read the rest

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