Art-Tech-Pr0n film "The Operation": New ordering info

After reading Susannah's guestblog post on geek-erotica short film The Operation (1995, by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas) I managed to sweet-talk a certain anonymous someone into loaning me their copy of the tape. Updated ordering info from the filmmakers, by way of Susannah, follows at the end of this post.

The Operation is an adult film shot entirely in infrared video. It's a deliciously rich fusion of art, sci-fi, and porn: there is no dialogue, only motion and ambient, ethereal, whirring sound. It's explicit and erotic, but the choice to shoot in infrared transforms the human bodies onscreen into incandescent, glass-like forms. Tight shots of the film's two central characters look more like sea anemones from another planet, illuminated from inside. There's something wonderfully unselfconscious about the way this film was performed and directed… you're struck with the notion you're witnessing something very personal, very intimate–and at the same time, utterly otherworldly and alien. I've never seen anything like it, and it works. Beautifully.

To order 'The Operation' on VHS send $25.00 check or money order, and a
signed age statement (21 and over please) to:

818 SW 3rd Ave., #1121
Portland, OR 97204

Link (warning: site contains sexually explicit images and text). Discuss

Update: Sorry, but the streaming video links at the link above don't work. Site does display stills and an interview with Marne Lucas, aka Gina Velour, co-creator and actor in the film. And ignore the ordering information on the page, it's out of date.