SARS digital folk art, exhibit "S": artist Katie Bush contributes

Acclaimed 'Net artist Katie Bush created this exclusive for BoingBoing: SARS! (link to full-size image). And here is a related gif-based, moving-image web art piece from Katie about virus, disease, and media memes.

Katie is an American artist whose work explores the possiblities of ready-made clip art in a warped, funny and satirical reevaluation of the American Dream. In All Systems Go, users navigate through little animated vignettes that depict the banality of suburban existence. The scenes in question the 'goals' of money, power, sex and fame, the pursuit of happiness as presented to us by mass media. Vivid colors, mass-produced clip art and the low-tech animations emphasize cheap, throwaway culture that Americans are nurtured on. Her digital and analog works have been shown in venues throughout North America and Europe, and in print and online at, Eleven Bulls, and

Bonus links: on Declan McCullagh's politech list, this interesting item on How Singapore is confronting SARS. And for "Discuss" board trolls who tire of SARS-meme posts on BoingBoing, I offer this trollbait: one (thanks, Modesty) and two (Thanks, Jaison).

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