Wired illo: Wachowski Brothers, Anim(e)atrix style

In keeping with the live-from-Barcelona Matrix thread, here is a commissioned portrait, Anim(e)atrix style, of the photographically elusive Wachowski Brothers — by Canadian illustrator Kenn Brown. He explains: "Try googling them.. you wont find much – we were lucky to get a very small pic taken at the Wired offices to base this illustration on. The cityscape behind them is based on thier hometown of Chicago and was inspired by the Japanese anime classic Metropolis – (Metropolis was brought to the screen by anime legends Katsuhiro Otomo (of "Akira" fame) and Rintaro who once worked with Tezuka on the anime TV series Astro Boy)… you if you look closely you might recognize a few of the buildings. The windows echo the cascading effect of the famous matrix code." Click here for the full image, and feast your eyes on the gloriously ultra-hi-res version in the current print version of Wired on sale now.

I'm still at Artfutura, btw — watching a bunch of game developers demo some amazing projects that involve use of wireless technology to blend real and online gamescapes; meshing feedback from both virtual and physical worlds. You can hear helicopters outside, right now, flying over contrasting protests. October 12, is Dia de la Hispanidad, a national holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus. Besides the official celebrations, a bunch of anticolonialist/anti-imperialist protesters are holding manifestaciones on one side of town, and some pro-fascist/anti-immigrant eurosupremacist guys are waving flags on the other side of town.