String Cheese Incident takes on Ticketbastard

From this month's issue of Mother Jones:

How the String Cheese Incident -- five barefoot, mandolin- plucking improvisers from Boulder -- is taking on the most hated corporation in music (...)What do you call a company that has preserved its near monopoly for more than a decade despite numerous antitrust lawsuits, that charges exorbitant fees to its captive customers, whose CEO is said to revel in the fact that he "crushed" one of America's most beloved rock and roll bands when it dared to take the company on, that (for these reasons and more) is near the top of most Americans' list of companies they love to hate? Well, some people call it Ticketbastard, but Ticketmaster doesn't mind, so long as people keep calling -- and logging on and walking up to its outlets, which they did enough times last year to buy 95 million tickets, worth $4 billion, on behalf of its parent, Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp.

Link. BoingBoing reader Andrew Crocker points us another, earlier story from a local alt weekly in the band's hometown: Link.