Xeni on NPR: Cheeseball pop love songs are poetry, too.

On today's edition of the NPR program "Day to Day," I interview a University of Pennsylvania writing instructor who is teaching her students the common literary elements found in simple pop songs from the '70s and '80s, classic love poems, and sonnets. Her course is called "Hit Me Baby One More Time — The Erotic Lyric Tradition", and uses two recently-published compilations of uber-schlocky pop song lyrics: I Can't Fight This Feeling (love songs), and You Give Love a Bad Name (breakup songs).

Listen to the archived audio segment after 12PM PT, and hear what may well be the most hilarious 30 seconds in NPR history: award-winning news man Carl Kassel performing a reading of the Pat Benatar classic "Love is a Battlefield." Who loves you, baby?
Link to archived audio (Real and WM), available after 12PM PT.