Frankenbananas with genetically engineered flavor

BoingBoing reader Steve Portigal says, "Chiquita is looking at growing nanners with other fruit flavors embedded in them. Seems like they have the technology, but will it fly?" The ethical implications are terrifying. If they can genetically modify crops, humans can't be far off. That means one thing and one thing only: the dawn of banana-flavored babies.

Link (via agendainc)

Update: Frankenbana-not? BoingBoing reader Matt Grommes says, "According to a few stories about this announcement
like this one, Chiquita is denying that the bananas will be genetically engineered. Whether that's to get out from under the GM stigma early or the truth, who knows." And
BoingBoing reader Simon Fodden believes the real story's even bigger. "It's about the very survival of the yellow fellow — The Beeb says 'Edible bananas may disappear within a decade if urgent action is not taken to develop new varieties resistant to blight.'
Nevermind, BoingBoing reader Joe Sislow says, "I can't believe the BBC picked that one up. Snopes has the scoop — the parasite (Sigatoka) does exist, but the imminent threat is more hype than fact."