To do Tuesday night in LA: RES screening

OK, look — even if this description of tomorrow night's monthly RES screening in Hollywood doesn't get you worked up, consider this: it's followed by an afterparty featuring an as-yet-unannounced secret Silverlake-based DJ duo who CONVERTED AN ICE CREAM TRUCK INTO A MOBILE DUB REGGAE SOUNDSYSTEM. That is the wickedest most baddassed thing I've ever heard of in my life at least the last three hours. Seriously, the program looks great too, and features:

special guest Geoff McFetridge who will share a retrospective of his video work including his music videos for the Avalanches, Simian, Plaid and his quirky spots for Jinro, X-Games, Burton and HP. The program will also include new short films from Suk & Koch, Brett Simon and Cheryl Dunn who will present the world premiere of Come Mute. Also screening: breaking new music videos for Placebo, Mr. Lif, Armand Van Helden, Supergrass, Los Amigos Invisibles, Colder and Floria Sigismondi's latest for the Cure.

Link to screening info, and listen to an archived live set from the ice-cream rockaz who shall not be named right here.