Dad tracks his preemie baby's progress on photoblog

This most unusual weblog is a father's daily documentation of his prematurely-born child's struggle to survive. Eric was born at only 24 weeks' gestation. He was twelve inches long, and weighed only one pound, seven ounces. describes the online journal the infant's dad is maintaining:

His dad has been blogging the whole thing, complete with photos, video and all the "tearability" you can handle. The content ranges from detailed medical discussions of the conditions a premature infant suffers, to more spiritual musings on what it's like to give skin-to-skin "kangaroo care" to a child born 15 weeks premature. In one passage we discover that "his neutrophils ( his "big gun" immune cells as wendy, his nurse practitioner, likes to call them ) are down and his bands ( immature neutrophils ) are up," while another passage has us visiting the NICU in the middle of the night.