Web menu zen: Greenland's only Chinese restaurant

What's that you say? You're wandering the ice-covered streets of Greenland, empty-stomached, jonesing for some Chinese takeout? Well, grab a bib and download this, baby: the online menu of the frozen land's only Chinese restaurant. You'll find Misigisaq in Greenland's second largest "city," Sisimiut (population 5,000), about 100 km north of the Arctic Circle. Manager David Dukes says, "We are adding new dishes all the time — this week harbour porpoise cooked in a clay pot is the new special." Oh, but what to order:

# Love at first Sight: Caribou meat on little sticks
# Dried Fried Seal
# Tired Fisherman's Soup: a pick-me-up soup of whale meat and six traditional Chinese herbal medicines to reinvigorate you.

# Fragrant and Crispy Greenland sea bird (eider duck or Bruennichfs Guillemot, depending on the season)
# Numbing Spicy Musk Ox
# Clay Pot Walrus
# We are proud to serve not only a variety of Chinese teas, but also Kaffi Tunnulik (coffee and caribou fat).

Looks like they want to franchise, too. I'll have a venti, half-caf coffee and caribou lard, please — hold the foam.

Misigisaq ApS is looking for partners interested in franchising our unique concept of Greenlandic ingredients and top quality Chinese cooking. We are able to support any such partnership with training, franchise documentation, and full logistic support. We believe there are many international sites with great potential for Misigisaq Restaurants. We can outline the prerequisites for a successful Misigisaq branch with any interested parties.

Link , and do not miss the "customer snapshot gallery" with pictures of tough tundra homeboys and this lovely local girl. (via egullet, thanks, Jonno)