Yahoo introducing consumer electronics line?

Engadget posts word of a rumored new line of consumer electronics — from Yahoo. An official launch announcement is said to be due within the next two weeks. This could also be nothing more than someone with a good imagination and functional Photoshop skills.

The initial line up is supposedly a portable DVD player, two LCD televisions, and a home theater in a box system. Like most of these kinds of releases (assuming this is for real), they're really just slapping their logo on products built by somebody else (in this case, it's supposedly Diamond Electronics). This is either a really big deal or someone just went to a lot of trouble to try and dupe us — regardless, everything looked like it checked out, and it was too good to not pass along. Make sure you click to see pics and product descriptions.

Link to Engadget post with photos.

Update: Jason says he's received this email from a Yahoo spokesperson:

This is a licensing agreement through our marketing department. It's just another component of a licensing program that we've had in place for several years for a variety of items such as computer peripherals and we're now extending to additional items such as those you see in the photograph.

The manufacturer is Diamond Electronics and we will be providing our branding and logo. The manufacturer is working to sell these products into major retailers.

It's an exciting extension of the Yahoo! brand, but it won't be a significant announcement for the company as the blog suggests.