Zero G: Xeni's Wired News and NPR reports

In today's Wired News, a report I filed on my experience in zero gravity earlier this week. Also, on today's edition of the NPR show "Day to Day," I speak with host Noah Adams and share sounds from the weightless joyride. In space, no one can hear you squeal.

Image: floating with other passengers, including Dr. Buzz Aldrin and Zero Gravity Corporation founder Dr. Peter Diamandis, on board G-Force One. Shot by Jim Campbell.

Link to Wired News story.

Link to NPR Day to Day: "Zero Gravity Flight" audio and images.

More images: Alan M. Ladwig, former NASA Assoc. Admininstrator, now COO of Zero-G Corp, coaches me and others into weightless backflips — Link (image: Jim Campbell).

Passengers assume seated pose during the heavy-g "pullup" period prior to a weightless parabola — Link. (XJ)

NASA astronaut and space celebrity Dr. Buzz Aldrin is superman — Link. (JC)

Dr. Aldrin hovers — Link. (JC)

Flight attendant and CalTech researcher Loretta Hidalgo gives pre-flight emergency safety instructions — Link. (XJ)

"G-Force One" in hangar before liftoff — Link. (XJ)

Interviewing passengers for NPR while floating — Link. (JC)

Landing after a parabola, guided by Mr. Ladwig. — Link. (JC)

ABC News reporter Judy Muller levitates, while Dr. Aldrin flies — Link. (JC)

Xeni flies — Link. (JC)

Floating with Dr. Aldrin — Link. (JC)

Dr. Peter Diamandis, Zero G Corporation founder, greets passengers exiting "G-Force One" — Link. (JC)

Link to previous BoingBoing posts — "Xeni flies zero-g." For the record, I did not blow donuts.