Silver dollars minted from Twin Towers metal are bogus

Remember the company that was selling commemorative silver dollars minted from money retrieved from a safe at ground zero? Turns out they weren't made from 9/11 silver. In addition, they aren't made of silver and they aren't dollars. A NY court has halted the sales of them.

[Judge] [New York Attorney General] Spitzer said the sale of the silver dollars — emblazoned with the World Trade Center towers on one side and the planned Freedom Tower on the other — is a fraud. He's investigating whether the silver actually came from the ruins of the twin towers.

Spitzer said the National Collector's Mint, based in Port Chester, N.Y., falsely claims that the coins engraved with "In God We Trust" are legally authorized silver dollars.

Spitzer said the coins, produced by a Wyoming company called SoftSky Inc., are advertised as nearly pure silver when they're only silver-plated.

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UPDATE Here's an excellent Wikipedia article about the coin.